I’ve been told misery loves company,
so I guess that means social media 
is the new suicide watch
A ticking time bomb tumblring and 
twittering on about teenage girl problems
Nameless disparaged souls swimming 
through cyberspace, searching for 
kindred spirits to cuddle with
But their fake hipster glasses
can’t see the forest for the trees
Nor the reblogs from the realness
Apparently misery loves to be looked at
especially with oddly obscure life quotes
all interpreted as “we broke up and 
it’s their fault”
The Emo Poetics’ Manifesto
Screaming their heads off, polluting
the air with pubescent pestilence
Burying their siamese sorrows in 
mass media graves, their woes become
ghosts that haunt the internet forever
You will never see so many people 
think they’re so cold and alone
think so closely together
like newly sewn sweaters 
Misery makes people lose their minds
so much that now it’s happening 
in yours and in mine
So I’ll say this one time
Call me Tyler because 
this isn’t a rhyme, nor my 
own design, just the facts:
Before you Tumblr into the community 
pool of teenage problems, 
or Twitter about your own
Consider first how they 
became your ghosts
lest they haunt your next poem


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