Ungrand Legend

I don't want to look death in its sunken face

And realize what I've left for the human race

To remember me by is nothing but

Insecurity and shame, oh it isn't enough

I want to leave behind a legend, not even grand

But just a legend saying that I took a stand

Against the fear that plagued me like a disease

Unlocking the shackles that prevented my release

I want to be remembered my always casting a

Smile across my lips on any given day

Rather than my overwhelming bitter

Thoughts and sad feelings, I don't want to go down as a quitter

I want the sound of my name to bring on thoughts of

Determination and not self-pity but pure self-love

I want to go down as a carefree spirit

While I'm still breathing, I'll take my life and I'll steer it

In the direction I desire,

To become what I aspire

To be.


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