I wonder if Patty smiles when angels bring my name up?

Because I’m far from that little girl she knew one time ago.

And I wonder if Luke remembers and looks down?

Does Patty tell him stories about us and does he smile?

And I wonder if Margret thinks about the times we didn’t want to leave?

Did they ever watch over me and hope that I could achieve?

Did Patty ever love us and does she think about us sometimes?

Or are my cries for her just stupid and am I just out of my mind?

And I’ll always remember you Patty and never forget your name because the color red forever screams your name.

I just want to write this to you,

Because I never got to say “I love you” one final time.

And maybe the angels will whisper this to you as I write this final line.

Hopefully you’ll close your eyes Grandma and whisper that your love has always and forever been mine.


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