Inner Demons


We all have demons inside
And that's not to say that
We can't truly be fixed
See, lately I've found that
Even the most beautiful
People have them
And even the ones you
Can't even bring yourself
To look at; they don't
Discriminate like
We do
All they do is look
For those that can play
With them
And maybe that's what
Relationships are
Finding demons
That go well with ours
And which ones to
Stay away from
Even the ones
That claim that
They'll never find one
Maybe those with depression
Are just wishing that they
Could find their sun
In the endless rain
And the ones with anxiety
Maybe just want the best
For everyone
Even if it means
They sacrifice their
See, demons are never
Really conquered
To me; they're just
Trained to follow
Command just like
We are, and maybe
I'm wrong but if I am
Explain this:
Happily ever after
Unconditional love
The concept of a savior
Personal or otherwise
See, I may not be religious
Or go to a church or
Temple or synagogue
Or what have you
But at least I know
What love is
Just from watching
Demons play
Childhood games
Just like we did
Just like we still do
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Alyssa Brown

This is so good! I love the line "They don't descriminate like we do".

Beautifully written, and with a great point!


Thank you so much!


This poem reminds me a lot of the song "Demons" by Imagine Dragons. Your message about everyone having demons, regardless of how they appear to society is definitely true, and something more peope need to realize. No one is perfect, and no one should try to be. Great work! Have you ever written a sonnet? Check out how and more in the Resources section.


Thanks. ^_^ I have but they usually are really clunky and weird.


i can so relate to this

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