What If I Told You


What if i told you that every night i cry

Praying that the lasting tears falling from my eyes would soon dry

Listening, and accepting lie after lie of the stories you told me

Believing you, waiting on you hand and foot as you put everything before me


Exploit me, destroy me, but i continue to rise 

Like Maya Angelou the poet, i got diamonds at the meeting of my thighs

Sigh, is it true that not everything in my life revovles around you

Am I blue, yes because you took my breath away  


Empty promises, broken hearted leave me praying to god this isnt how we started

And yet somehow we parted, believing in our dreams even when it seemed we ourselves were the only ones who believed 

But i smile realizing that my stories not over, after being hurt by everyone that gave me a shoulder

Back stabbed and abused like a cartoon show with no voiceovers


So yea im sober, only at six having to live in a world where my king didn't exist

In the midst, found my daddy lying their limp, asking god oh god why this?

After all the tears i was doen trying to find the one to take my hurt away

When in the end i was the only one who could say when enough was enough


Breaking down inside but still tryna act  tuff rough, isn't even the word to describe the life i lived yet i still rise

Have you ever experienced the hurt and the pain, when as soon as the sun shine here comes the rain

Hatred on all sides leaving you to wonder why , what could you do to make endless people throw hate towards you

Thoughts of sucide come into your mind, if you cant live why not die


Left without a reason, abused by peolple you loved like an act of treason

So you ask me why do i smile, is it because i knew all the while that my story doesn't have an end

For it was over before it began, reborn into life just like a new sin

Where people finally like you and the world within is beautiful


Filled with people who finally got use to you and appreciate you like a jewel

So I smile, for my life is not over but it's finally woth while. 

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