I am in Authority


Excuse me fate,
can you hold that date?
I am not ready yet 
I am still to upset
Because free will,
and I know its you still,
that plays with my head
till each day I do dread
that the plans I have made
will not be obeyed.
Fate, you constantly try
to push my plans aside.
And Free will wants too much
overfilllin my cup!
So listen to me,
please here my decree,
for it is I who am in authority.

Fate you are not needed
when I feel undefeated
but when I am lost on a street
where five roads come to meet.
Then may you give me your hand
and speak of your plan. 
As for you free will
I only call upon your skill
when I have not much to lose
or I am singing the blues.
You know of a good time
where I can relax and unwind.
But my priorities trump all
so do not be my downfall.
Now that you've listened to me,
please obey my decree,
for it is I who am in authority. 


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