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It must be hilarious to talk in a stolen accent that doesn't belong to you.

It must be hilarious to brand a girl a "ratchet" because she doesn't have the same hair texture as the blue-eyed hottie in your Chemistry class.

When you talk about girls of color, you don't talk about their smile or their sweetness, you talk about their "big, fat ass."

You get your tongue twisted over slang.

You pretend you've got some gang.


You're so caught up in the social hierarchy, 

that you can't even recognize you're messing with the matriarchy.

I'm sitting in the back of the class

wondering, what the hell's wrong with your casque?

In your subtle racism and animosity towards the girls of color in the class you basque.

Well, do not forget 

that I will not forget your debt.

Consider this a spiritual threat. 

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