radio teens

Mon, 10/14/2013 - 22:33 -- amesser


Brainwash the children of the nation

with songs by Drake 

omg becky look at her butt

you only live once

dripping with misogyny 

stupid sayings 

strangle our minds into believing

what the word "woman" means


--sex object

no problem

our media's idea of an equal world

is just as strong as

Robin Thicke's views of consent


media or murderer

the villian who kidnaps young minds 

teaches them how to "party rock"

teaches them how to fit in

now they're living in communities of casualties

by the media


and when it's all said in done

our misogynsitic millionaires stare down

and watch their songs suffocate us

but we enjoy it

you only live once, right?




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