This Is Why Roses Have Thorns

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 17:41 -- qcmarie



i'm no angel to knock on anyones door

trying my best not to mourn

& this is why roses have thorns.            because i go by my nature.


& no one understands

            my ways

i don't understand

            your ways

i'd rather not ask

i'd rather look past

                          all the negativity

& yes mines reflects on me

so i choose to leave it be

& it weighs so heavily on my mind

how the entire world percieves me..


the feds have leaked the real names

"shade trick"

you're greedy

so everyone is mistreated

don't like it? believe it.

facts stand-still-like-these-words that you hear as i read them




this is why roses have thorns

on a swing

seeing life in everything

we forget we're human beings

worried a dozen, dandelions

no one ever loved them

only roses given to the loved ones

             so who smiles?

it's an ungrateful action picking flowers child


put the flower down


i'm not even sure what this is about.

hope that you do though.

some people will read poems

see beauty and be gone

and ever fail to feed on

continue to sing songs

miss the concept, the meaning

forever to be wrong

if you figure this out let me know.


thorns have roses why is this?



(quinnette  connor)

I wrote this in my creative writing class. It's just about how I feel about mis-interpretation whether it be amongst myself...or anything. Yes that's basically all I can say to you.

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