The Decade Effect

Oh my generation, I guess we’re doing pretty bad, huh?

Come on

Can’t you see

That’s what everyone else is saying isn't it

We lack morals,

We lack restraint,

We have no personal ambitions of our own

and our creativity is going right out the window.

Our bodies are our playgrounds

and our minds, puppets on intoxicated strings.

We harm others about as much as we harm ourselves.

And the things we create are either torn down by the masses

Or made a dinner time joke.

We feel terrific,

We feel safe,

We have over a hundred ways to connect with other human beings.

We are so awful.

We are so much worse than the age groups that swore to kill each other on the street depending on what shade of red or blue they wore.

We are simply atrocious to the boys and girls throughout the decades testing the celestial substances on their own brains not knowing or caring how the rot would spread and seep throughout.

We are mere monsters to the years of harm a generation causes to itself through dividends of race, gender, and sexual preference.

This generation, that is statistically more accepting of ethnicities than any other, that would statistically prefer to become an important generating member of society then pregnant, jobless, or admitted into correctional facilities, that still has so much to offer the world with all of our technological versatility, is the most disappointing in these two recent centuries.

What and I say what gave you the audacity that you can say something as if it hasn’t been said for a little more than half a millenia.

You only continue the pattern sewn for over a hundred years begun by the very people who said your age is the most undignified yet seen.

Where is your wonderful originality that you had in your generation?

Where is all that wisdom that was so glorified in your decade?

Oh your generation wasn’t told it was wise, moral, or interesting?

Well then we have quite a situation here now don’t we.

I see, you were told that you were loose, irresponsible, fast paced, and displeasing to the eye at your age as well as your peers.

I wonder why that sounds so familiar.

Look, the truth is it's been said a million times so a million and one couldn’t hurt right.

Lets face it in about ten or so years I’ll be saying the exact same thing about the 2000 kids.


Because we’re all living in the fucking past!

We want to relive the amazing times that we know can never be replayed even on dusty old VHS tapes.

They were too golden and bright to stick around so we bully today to make ourselves feel better about when we were young and spry. How amazing it was to live in the 80’s 70’s and 60’s and how much your time and place will never be that perfect.

Well neither will you.

Time moves faster than we do, just ask Ms. Jenkins, she’s just can’t get over the fact that she’s going to have a baby soon

at 16 years old. Life is coming at about 100 mph and screaming right at her.

There’s a Ms. Jenkins in every age group for that I am certain but just how many or how few.

How young or how old

Are we tallying scores here or analyzing a fluctuation in society’s population growth due to premarital sex.

Life is quicker than you or I think and it won’t be long before we disapprove of another age group again.

This one with its own highlighted flaws and hidden gifts. Then and maybe then we can have the decade effect and be something to look back on. It may have to come to that just to be told we were actually doing OK.

Who am I to say all of this and shake a metaphorical finger at my predecessors you may ask?

Just thought I might clarify a few things, before we all become hypocrites, about my own age group, that mind you, you do not even belong too. So try again.

Go on, tell me how we are doomed to regurgitate all of our energies in mindless interactions with the world. How we are unethical and have learned nothing from you, the elder. Tell me how much better you were at being you than me. Did it perhaps

Ever occur to you that I don't want to be you, but just me, that my 23 to 14 year old age bracket is not trying to be the 80's or the 70's but just what it is. My duck faced, High heeled, Harlem Shaking, Gangnam Styling, Brony loving, loling, trolling, facebooking, tweeting, tumbring, snap chatting, texing, calling, skyping, googling, sagging, swagging, rachety, status liking, money spending, baby making, snap back wearing, skinny jeaned, low cut, dropout, hipster, hip hop, heading in One Direction generation.

Not a generation like it in the whole of history.

So screw the previous and lets get to the present matter of the here and now if you please.


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