10804 NW 34th Street Yukon, Oklahoma
United States
26° 16' 21.3744" N, 80° 16' 8.8572" W

Like the caged chimp I sit
Waiting for evolution to carry me on.
The metal bars chill me to the bone.

Though the atmosphere closes in on me, I feel withdrawn.

And I can’t help but grit my teeth

As The ring leader whips me into obedience,

Into conformity.

Leaving me frozen,

Afraid to move.

Yet, it is the red collar that chokes me,

Encouraging me to fight of the colds vicious nips,

Reminding me that this fear chips away at my very being.

Although, oddly enough

What seems to matter the most

Is how the stagnancy makes me feel lifeless.

Like the eager child waiting for spring to end.

It is then that I realize that it is not the hand that creates the masterpiece,

But the artist who works on their development to create it.

And though whatever comes,
No matter how far I wander from my cage,

The red indentation that once choked me

 shall always be

 a reminder of what  made me come to be.





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