Finally Here

A  wife leaving her little home,

Her hands shaking grasping for the phone.

Memories flash through her mind.

A first smile, a first date, a first kiss,

A wedding day, a family, a pure love no one else could touch.

It was ripped away, ripped away.


Telephone rings in the dead of the night.

She answers knowing something's not right.

The phone falls as the tears appear;

Pouring down her face like a rainy day.

No more hugs, no more love, no more Daddy's advice when the lightning strikes.

It was ripped away, ripped away.


Little girl, eight years old.

Will remember the day that turned cold.

She kneels down, screams why looking up at the big blue sky.

All the trips, all the smiles, all the laughs, all begin to bend.

As her grandpa's dance is at an end.

He was ripped away, ripped away.


Twenty years sure have flown,

Little girl is finally grown.

She's walking down the flowing aisle,

Looks to her left and can't help but smile.

There he is through her eyes, through her heart, and through her soul.

He is finally here, finally here.

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