Thick Girl or Big Girl.


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Oh. Thick girls?

They are better than Big girls.

Big girls are like big. 

Thick Girls are just better

Said everyone. 

Big girl 

Big girl

No loves you they said, lose weight they tell me

Exercise they said.

But who are they to know,

That the words are more powerful and just makes me it doesn't break me.

The words that I hear makes me stronger

The words that I hear not only hurt me but motivate me.

Just to stand taller.

And then I'm a thick girl all I hear is

Thick Girl 

Thick Girl

Love me they said, You're perfect they tell me.

Love yourself they said.

How dare you!

First of all I went through so much shit.

For you 

To just tell me love myself. 

I'm wreck.

But not only did I harm myself

I'm trying to be someone I'm not. 

I'm not a THICK GIRL. 

I'm a BIG GIRL didn't you tell me.

We are the same thing 

We both like food as much as we love sweets.

We both have curves 

Us BIG GIRLS just hide them.

Big deal.

You people should really stop cataogizing us as Obese women.

We are Beautiful

We are 










Who do you think you are telling us some of the most 

Ugliest things.

We are Thick girls and Big girls

-Martha Lopez


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I love your peom and I am a thick girls so I understand 100% but

"No loves you they said"  is not good grammer It could say 

No one loves you they said anf  so on.Any way that was a great peom :)

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