"That's my child!"

She's yelling at me as if i don't know

how he got into this world.

I'm not dumb.

I'm just a kid,

and your yelling 

won't make me grow up any faster.

I'm actually afraid

to pick up the phone for her now.

I'd never seen her act that way.

She'd always been loving, 


always told me I was

worth something.

But something got into her,

and she snapped,

over something that I

Have never even began

to fix my lips to say.






I don't know what it is

about me that causes them to

think I'm comparable

to the spawn of satan

to make them believe

I'm less than human,

and to scream at me

and call me things,

that an adult shouldn't even say

to another adult,

let alone a child.






I scream and cry 

and I whine and I blame

I blame it all on myself

as if I asked to be put here

and I know I didn't

but I still blame myself.

And now, the blame

is being put on me, 

not just by my dad,

but my grandmother,



I'll only ever

write or speak this,


I will throw it away.

I will forget it.

Because they weren't

worth my time,




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