What I would give you


I would give you the moon on a spoon.

The ocean in an oyster, the galaxy in a nutshell.

Then let the stars align in the cracks of its openings.

and let it seep through your melanon, touch deeply into the

under most layer of your dark brown cheeks that cover you.

Then let nerves trickle down as impulse and zap ya' senses into 

sweet senses of security. See me... I could give you every word from a song,

let the melodies play sweet symphonies of life harmonies.

Beat against the ear drum of your heart bringing joy as each descible level raises.

Piercing through the inner ear as some music notes touch you. And if I can sing I

would give you a simotaneous hearing aid singing each tone to you. stretch my vocal cord from here to tokyo letting you know that nothingwill keep me away from you.

I would give you the world in the palm of your hand fold it up and put it in your pocket as a reminder of what i would give you.



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