Warm Up

Winter's late afternoon.

Dusting snowfall kisses my cheeks,

A smile twinkles

hiding within the corners of my lips.

Lights glow behind the fluff of snow

beside the mat that reads “Welcome Home.”

Swollen doors close, sealing out the Cold.

But what about the Cold?

It wanders, without a house,

a shelter,

a Home.

What protects the wind and snow

that aid in my cozy winter glow?

A breeze sneaks in upon the opening of my home

But is quickly transformed to wear a hot uniform.

It is not very fair

to force the Cold to sacrifice.

To make the Cold the antagonist in this season's story.

Without the cold there would be no reason

for fires and warmth,

hot cocoa and sweaters.

The snow carries this burden

so we can have a reason

to come together for at least one time each year

and Warm Up.


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