The Known Unknown

You are family

Whom I have never seen

The one that told me stories

Whenever I was lonely

I speak to you more than I do

 to Him who took you            

I’ve cried when you left me

And when you didn’t come back again

To save me

From your own flesh and blood who was tormenting me

I prayed for your return

Knowing that it could never happen

I wonder if you know me as well as I know you

It’s been 20 years since i never stopped missing you

I never had that safety net

Almost every other kid had

And they do not appreciate that

I’ve dreamt of days when you would comb my hair with your soft hands rubbing against my rough and oily cheeks

I’ve dreamt of times when I would drag you to the park to push me on the swing

Now the time has passed,

The comb just briskly brushes itself through my hair for a few seconds every morning

The swing can no longer bear my 150 pound body

But I still desire every little kids desire when it comes to you

You whom I have never met, but fallen in love with since I was born

        - A poem for my grandmothers I never met-


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