Beautifully Disappearing



 Hold my little hand

Wonder as you stand

Watch her as she grows

While she tries to put on her pretty bows

Remember all your broken promises you never kept

Have you ever thought to wonder how much i've wept

Where were you when i needed you most

What am i to you know a ghost

Do you look at her with a familiar amazement

Because to me it feels like replacement

Do you promise to protect her from all her fears

Do you wipe away all her tears

Have you ever watched her smile

Made you want to dial

Maybe you promised her all the same lies

Probably shouldn't if you dont want to hear cries

Ever regret

Probably do i bet

You're trying to live me threw her aren't you

But,It's not that easy to do

At Least you're there for her

Meanwhile,i feel like dirt

God give me the strength to forgive and not to keep the hate i've got

But,me you forgot

I can't blame you it wasn't your fault when you left

But, imagine how i felt

You were there once but,now you're gone the time i'm suppose to depend on you most

Daddy's old princess was once lost

Neverwhere here for any of my important days or shows

Then you wonder why my sadness grows

If only our relationship were stronger

Maybe our phone conversations would be longer

Maybe if you provide me attention

Your name wouldn't be so hard to mention

Don't worry daddy i still love you no matter what

As much as it hurts my guts

But,your memories of me are slowly leaving

                                                        Don't worry daddy your princess is beautifully disappearing    



I love everything about this poem because it's exactly  how i feel threw out my childhood

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