More than a Statistic

34,34 percent of teenage girls have at least one pregnancy before they turn 20

70,more than 70 percent of teenagers in general have at least one drink by the age of 18

60,60 percent of the population does drugs and gets them from a family member or friend

But I will die before this becomes me

I will not be just another percentile another statistic

I am more than a blank face in an endless group of numbers

I am a difference and I will prove it

17,17 percent at least half of those girls could've been raped or pressured into sex or might have just made a mistake

35,35 percent of teenagers can pick up a drink because of peer pressure or weakened judgement

30,30 percent of teenagers could've been taught drugs are cool or tricked into taking them

But the statistic doesn't say that it just says a number

A number that represents disappointments, failures

But it's time we destroyed that number

We took a stand to make a change

To break through the statistics that continually keep us down

Yes it is time for us to not be some random percentage

But to just be you original imperfect

It is time that we accept that we are going to make mistakes

And learn from them because I refuse to go the rest of my life falling into a category

Because I am and always will be more than a statistic


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