Chasing the Future


She was running towards the future. 
She was running and running
Trying to catch her breath even though it was getting kind of hard
She was running towards her future. 

Her grandmother, who was floating beside her
Smiled and grabbed her arm
And for a moment she stopped, turning and looking as her grandmother said
"Don't you dare stop. The bright future is ahead."

She looked back towards the light at the end of the dark tunnel
And ran towards it, leaving behind her grandmother with a promise.
"I'll be back, I'll be back abuela. I swear on it." She growled.
And she reached her arms out, the future was almost in her grasp.

Then suddenly, from the darkness came
A chain labled poverty, hooked onto her hand and said.
"Where do you think you're going, you poor piece of crap? The future is not for you. You will stand back" 
And she watched for a moment as her future faded away. 

"What will you do without money? What will you do poor girl?" It seethed. 
Her mother grabbed the chain, yanking it away from her
She looked tears in her eyes, already becoming lost. Her mother smiled and said 
"Go baby go. The future is not yet dead." 

And she ran again, tears blurring her vision.
"Mama, I promise, I'll make millions. For you and abuela I'll make millions." She said.
Her legs were tired but she pressed on, 
Until a hook called love, said "Wait a minute. Hold on...," 

Love wrapped its hook into her chest
And she watched it take hold of her heart entirely. 
"Hey, hold on. Forget about the future for a little bit. I'll be it. I'll be the future for you if you let me."
She stopped, standing still for a moment, watching the future grow a tad brighter, but go farther.

There was no one to stop her, no warning to stay way from love
Because love was the most dangerous of them all.
And when love wrapped itself in her head, it grinned evily and said.
"I don't love you anymore. We're through. You're future should now be gone."

Her eyes widened, tears falling from her eyes,
She crumbled to the ground watching the light of her future slowly begin to die.
She reached her hand out trying to crawl.
" please don't go. Please...don't go at all."

Her father came and lifted her with his mighty arms.
"Go baby go, the future is not yet lost, and love is going to cause harms.
Don't you worry never fear,
Daddy is going to be the one to love you dear." 

With wide eyes, she stood and began
Running towards the future, she ran and ran.
She panted, tears still in her eyes.
The light wasn't gone it hadn't died.

"Thank you daddy. Thanks so much.
I'll be back for you, just hold on for a little while."
And she ran towards the future.
Only this time, as she reached the white light...

She woke up. It was the middle of the night.
She looked around, seeing she was in her room, just here.
"It was just a dream...I have nothing to fear." She breathed.
She laid back down knowing she had lied.

She was still chasing the future, whether in her dreams or in real life.  


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