When you strip yourself bare before another

You are showing them your physical flaws

You are undressing who you are underneath all the clothes

Maybe you have scars-

Maybe you’ve got beauty marks and moles

But when you show somebody that,

You never get it back;

When you undress yourself physically

They take a piece of your self-worth    

When you undress your mind

You are showing them all the hurt

That you’ve ever endured

You’re showing them the flaws

That aren’t apparent to everyone else

You undress each piece of yourself even the dark parts

Maybe you’re broken and beaten

Or maybe you’re recovering from that

Maybe you’ve got scars and haunting thoughts

Maybe you can’t sleep because they eat away at you

When you undress your mind you undress a piece of you

Maybe far more important than undressing your body

But when you undress yourself physically or mentally

Those are pieces you will never get back

And they’ll always haunt you

Because you’ve shown another your weakest parts

And you’ve let them see you bare and naked

And if they leave they'll rip you apart

Leaving holes that only scream regret and pain

They leave you to sulk- empty and alone

Each time you undress yourself

You lose another piece of who you are

That you won’t ever get back



This is fantastic. It really got to me. I'm at a loss for words!

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