Dear Struggle.


Dear Struggle, 

Why do you love me? 

Your zealous attempts to kick the weak, 

when they're already on their knees. 

Stymie the strong

when they feel they're at their strongest. 

You break down families, 

when the bond was there from birth. 

You tear apart relationships, 

the shape, the form, 

As if the the love never flourished,

like it was never there before. 

Your ostentatious 

A squall or melancholy 

is your hubris. 

Although you test me, 

impede the chance of my success. 

Listlessly I push away your advances. 

And when I feel like the world is against me, 

As if I'm servile to your darkness. 

My dreams are my motivation

they fire my vitality. 

As my success proliferates, 

how you assimilate me evaporates. 

So struggle,

you can't get me down, 

but you do well at teaching. 

How to be: 



And better. 

Thank you Struggle, 

Thank you 

Sincerely Me. 


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