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Loneliness is a cage That confines my soul It keeps me locked up, isolated Out of reach and out of control   I long to fly, to spread my wings To soar above it all But the cage is too small,
Take me back                            please.   All this wisdom has made me weary.   Like a sickness,        it's etched into my lungs.    And like rust,         it blooms between my joints.
"she has a heart full of hate and a head full of haze" i heard him mumble  "but i can love her enough for both of us".   i coudln't understand then, for who wants to love someone 
The piece missing from every puzzle And when found  I don't fit Some will try hard To press their thumbs  Jamming me in and out of every corner Where I was not made to be So many pieces,
When I was little I ensured everyone I had the loudest scream One that would shake the world I could feel it brewing up inside me Begging for an escape But I wouldn't 
Is my soul so lonely that one conversation manifests into an entire fantasy? It hurts to know my mind will be preoccupied for ages, but I've probably already been forgotten.
Elderly man asleep in the hospital bed Moving so slightly His respirations become the only sign  He is not dead   I move his feet back in the bed as they slide out every now and then
for 22 hours a day i keep my teeth in and for 22 hours a day i stay in my quaint little town four walls around a caved in nest patterned bees swarming around the outside
I worry for tomorrow, will there be another day? I try to stay strong, but the pain won't go away. We're consumed by this anguish, trapped in solitude.
Let's connect to reality; turn off the electricity, lie in the silence that invades us. I'll hear you for lack of the other sounds that made us bearable, one to the other.
These Days I Stay... “ Elusive “... While Some Would Say... “ Reclusive “ …
Quiet nights, quiet days Upside down and so confused, what is happening to our world? Alone and afraid, separated from humanity Reaching for hands that cannot ever touch Asking questions that no one can answer
When you look up to the sky with your sensitive, blinking eyes. The clouds look back at you with their ever-folding lies.
Big blind. She hasn't texted back in two days...   I'll call.   But I suppose Things haven't really been the same   Since...
My cereal bowl holds stale lucky charms and Milk white atrocities Bathing away the cobwebs Of spiders better left alone
When years stretch away empty, your dreams start to die. Kicked often enough, you forget how to try. Things that used to be urgent don't matter so much. Friends drift away. Somehow you lose touch.
A fresh page. The reinvention Of a long underappreciated discipline. Empty miles; A blank key; No cardinal in sight.
You tell me you want to talk, but you don't mean it.   You tell me you're happy to see me, but you don't mean it.   You tell me I'm special, but you don't mean it.  
The mourning sun: Helios   I bloom—vivid and bold. Set in your sky, I burn gold.   From my light— A sacred gift—
Don’t tell me you know me Because you don’t All you know are smiles and “im okays” You have no idea of the pain underneath
Close all the doors to the outside  Never let anyone in Trap all the pain inside  Hold it there, take it to my grave.  
i thought i did something that made you mad made you hate the way i blink or hate the way i shiver when it’s cold outside i thought i did something that just
God is cruel, putting me and my emotions here with you. I am the failing punch-line of an unheard joke You are a center stage comedian
****Trigger Warning****     It’s like I want to tear my skin off. I take a breath and hold it. I can’t let it go.
Bye   Blankets-dark Cradle me.   Singing      me to sleep.   Emptiness bores Into me. Burrowing
Is there a point to all this? Some sense of release hidden behind years of Doubtful ventures into nothing.   Can I outstretch these fastened wings, And search for some greater feeling,
In daylight around my peers My stature and character becomes sharp as if it were a spear. But everyday has a night This is where my anxiety begins creating this dirty little sprite.
She stumbles in the darkness, in search of the light. But the sky had been empty for a while, the stars could not hold on to it. It is only her, and the wind, and the cold wetness on her cheeks.
Parted Lips a-POP-olypse The seats of the minivan burst into flame  as rabid fragments of monster carrots feed Death while he
In a pitch black room Yet there is no fear. The thunderstorm and gloom Yet there is no fear.
In a pitch black room Yet there is no fear. The thunderstorm and gloom Yet there is no fear.
I’d like to disappear for a little while To indulge in self-exile Down a road Long overgrown To hide away From this disarray
I'm not sure, I can take much more, Living my life I'm not, Things started out oh so promising, Then I began to rot.   Tiredness and doubt fill my mind, Even when there is so much to do.
His mood was short The transient feeling was impermanent But it became plentiful and copious He was now fragile and tenuous the uncertainty of this precariousness
Questions like "what happened?" or "did you hurt yourself?" send a  pins and needles panic down my back. Shut up - go away - shut up - go away I can't hear you anymore! You're all quiet to me now!
Darkness and isloation the only two things I ever used to know mind your business hold your head down don't let anyone know you are here you exist you take up space but that doesn't matter
  What do you see when you look at a photograph? Do you see your memories from the past? Do you notice the things you hadn’t notice before?
The sort of familiar feeling of falling  Envelops me like it's always meant to  An ocean that only goes down Devoid of light and air and feeling  I find myself reaching (The surface is miles away)
Alone and resting No disturbances around All is quiet here
Dear Insecurity,   An incessant whisper in my ear, Constantly reminding me of everything I fear. ​ In your unyielding cage I am kept,
When I’m judged every day evidently And I come to think my mother was right How could I ever live genuinely Could I ever be loved for just one night;
I don't have scars   I've never felt the tension and the sweet release a surprise so pure and innocent Breaking the surface   raw, primal pain sharp breaths Tangy, coppery
Bulletproof, she's just something you can't break through Cold as ice, don't get too close or you'll get frost bite She's fine china, with a wall around her you'll never scale
Everyone at school were assholes to him, in a general sense. The worst were the meathead jock types. The pricks who'd  call him a FUCKING FREAK   and then copy his chemistry homework.  
i was 17 the last i spoke with my father. he came home that tuesday night smelling toxic, with the world giving away beneath his feet. bloodshot pinball eyes, carrying 1000 unconfessed sins and
Father is angry brother is crazy. Mama is worried but sister is perky.   Arguing constantly everyone hates me. Or I don't seem to matter anyways.  
Bricks are problems.
I could never really describe the way thunderstorms made me feel It is a strange experience. At first, as the wind starts rising and getting stronger, I feel it inside me.
I pitched a tent at Kayoke Among desert sands around Grown tired of reg’lar folk To wilderness I am bound   I sang a song so merry
I am the human embodiment of fear and trepidation. My body is a reeking cesspool of panic so I lie awake in bed like an earthworm lay on cement and       rot  
America is great, Full of perfect people, Speaking perfect language.   They say speak child, you are now free. For here is America, the land of opportunities.   So I speak.
There was an earthquake at his core. A warm, beautiful crack in his porcelain skin. The fracture stretched from wilting lips To the sultry caress of midnight breeze
I used to think that my cowboy boots and pecan pie Were all I needed to survive As the summers were filled with the Fourth of July and state fairs A supposed sense of freedom was in the air
Live in your bubble for a day Not for a lifetime   Look up and see the world The world outside your own   That is the world you live in Not the one you've created  
The girl who had no feelings shed a tear Her head still high Her pride so empowering Everyone knew it was no good for her But it saved her alas Her fists clenched to mask the pain she experienced internally
Seasonal criminal How you strike when it snows It's not something physical You put on the shows Seasonal criminal Wrap me in a scarf Wrap me in subliminal Wrath, force me to starve
Since I was a little girl, I dreamed of being a ballerina.   And now look at me: Caught up in this twisted dance for fools.   I wished for nothing more than to have stage,
I signed my soul away with a 21st century John Hancock, To get rid of stubborn, ages old writer’s block. And now these trembling hands they do mock, At my crooked fingers and smudged fingerprints they gawk.  
Who am I? No one sees me They glance shallowly, right through my existence. Who am I? Who am I? I exist utterly in solitude My own mind a mystery; I can't comprehend Unseen Unheard
how does it feel to float float high high higher into the air you feel free, don’t you? you are a balloon
Your bones are the bars  encaging your heart Your scars are the ink tattooed on your skin         Markings to remember         Markings to forget Somewhere inside the prison of flesh
Class call your name and stand off. All present but one a good day for the some. But teacher teacher I'm right here? Assignments in with jolly and cheer. Sweet little girl where is your paper today?
When I fet like I could talk to no one, You were there for me. Through my troubling thoughts and feelings, I could open up to you, Poetry.    My smile always plastered across my face in public
  The relative I never understood you as a person your twisted personality is always taking sharp turns into dark corners
An ache in your chest Dunno where we stand Happy memories ablaze Standing hand in hand Where it all began Nobody can say The end was unexpected A world fell apart
On my own little island, there is little means of escape I sit alone, on my nearly treeless home in the middle of a delta My only neighbor, hardly acknowledges that I am even there
It's very strange, The way some things change As it all goes by so fast and our poor hearts hardly ever last. You were a part of my happiness
You don’t take me home. I’m laying next to you feeling the warmth you try to exhume so profusely And I swear,  
I am nothing without him. For he is who has me all. I climb trees, limb from limb To hope he catches me if I fall. They say he is not right, What did he do wrong?
If the world were to crash and burn, And all life ceased to exist. What would be my biggest concern? What one thing, I could not resist?   With not a caring soul or a comforting sound
Ah, the...”age old” question. If you suddenly became Tom Hanks in one of the movies that he surely has pasted onto his résumé by now, but you got to take one thing with you, what personal item would you take?
To be completely unearthed is the beginning of where I find I’m free and to realize that my life is for me and to realize that I am who I should be To be out of your sight and on to something far away
Alone on an island Stranded and lost Waves crashing and winds blowing I do not feen for food or water But for your love Your company Your arms around me Gripping me tightly
Isolation at its peak Abandoned on an island With nothing to see But water as far as can be   What would you bring If it meant you can see All the beauty and wonder
A journal is a simple thing, with lines, or blank. Freedom to express yourself. I would bring a journal.  Documenting my life.  My turmoil. My strife, my joy... Happiness. Solitude,
Though happiness is very close, happiness is hard to find,  real, true happiness. Everyone deserves happiness. I had to start taking risks without worrying about the consequences,
i wake up to pale sunlightfiltering through my pink curtainsstaining my eyelids a sleepy rosemy fingers wander to my bed framesmooth and white, embellished with seashells
I can see myself now Stranded on a deserted island Away from you Alone.   I grumble at the sun Hot sand stings my toes The roar of the ocean hurts my ears.  
Stranded on an island... I am alone. In an osasis I find some peace, I am alone. In the dark night without heat... I am alone. Wading in the blue lagoon under the hot sun, I am alone.
Once upon a time, In a kingdom far away. There was a mistreated maiden And to her dismay they teased bout her shoes and her hair everyday. I'll let you in on a secret So tell everyone else
My greatest weakness is fear. But it's not just any fear, it's a disease. It creeps and crawls onto every decision. It beats me down into indecisiveness.
only my walls see my tears and only my walls know my fears i keep it all inside except once... when someone pried i opened up and tried but they hurt me so... i nearly died  
If I were stuck on a desert island and I think of what I’d need I think a lot of people underestimate what they’d need to succeed In keeping themselves alive, happy, and sane.
will They find the body? will She care? Finally. I can't get the smell out of my head The lights dance, faltering like they did over the shattered glass
Pretty face, heart not yet stone; run the world but feel alone. Heartless friends are what I know; if they care it doesn’t show. Always giving all my heart, always loyal from the start. Change my looks change my ways anything to make them stay.
When I am aloneNo one can hurt me anymoreNo one is able To tell me a lieAnd injury my precious heartBut there is still pain
  hands out with your palms up burned and bruised as you're reaching for love that isn't even there   arms aching  outstretched  for so long years and years
I've been staring at the ceiling, it is off white, and bumpy, and very, very boring.  sometimes it is so lonely your chest feels like its made of glass,  
  Because by: Abigail Gyamfi                                                     Ever felt like a lost soul, Invisible from society,
  Clouds begin to creep I can’t stop the seep. The sludge and muck Seizes me, I’m stuck. My arms go first Seized by shadow’s thirst. Insatiable, unstoppable Misery’s quite probable.
  The Voice of the Sea I
  I’m living with this unholy farce Hidden so high away in the sky Where the birds soar Above our heads   Many maniacs have acted before me
Around me four  [Walls] Surrounded by four [Walls] If they could speak What would they say?
I'll Never Be Free  
mommy, you're broken. i hear you at night your bottles are clinking  it fills me with fright.   mommy, were broken, this family i think the yelling seems constant we continue to sink
t's 6:00a.m on the morning, For a day that's prolonged, aggravating and boring, You're tired, and exhausted, These are the years of our lives that are the most awkward and stressful,
Depression is a stigma
Come, Sit down and view my world Let me take you in   They say my name As if it is I that should be ashamed. And yet, I win another battle  
When you’re feeling low… and you feel like you’ve got nowhere to go … that sick feeling is all I feel as my head begins to reel My vision starts to blur
A wolf alone in the wood, Not by choice but by cruel fate, A social animal without a pack, A mind consumed by hate.   Will you not take in the wolf? No, of course, no one would,
No one is looking for me.   I haven't disappeared, but why can't they see me?   That's alright, I'm not hoping to be found,   I already found myself
It's cold out, and the weather's frigid.  I frown throughout the dreary day.
drip. the showerhead cries,hiding my saltwater tears. hot. water trickling down,cleansing my soul. scalding. steam surrounding me,burning away the sorrow. calm.
No one undestands what it means To be alone To be ignored To eat your lunch in the library Hidden behind stacks of books So no one can see your shame To look at your feet when you walk
We are creatures of information, And so, we are creatures of communication. I realize this. So I write my message, read over it, and fix a few typos. I roll it up and put it in a little bottle,
Oh no, I have nothing to hide. Never in my life have I tried. I have always been happy! I will never be sappy. Not that my parents bother me, Nor is it ever a biggie. All that matters is your glee;
Why isn't anyone paying attention? I guess they don't understand......
“Still” by, GiGi Spata Captured, trapped, broken A mangled mouse in a trap Like a beautiful bird in a cage A precious puppy in a pound
Stabbing in your heart,
There you are sitting.. Dazed and distracted... Are you alive? Can you hear me? You've made mistakes... You didn't catch a big break...... But don't stop trying.   Don't escape.
Life insists too much upon us to take a second glance; a second look. We go through shutting everything out and never realize what we could have; what other people took.
The fires burn in the distance nowyet he feels better, some howGasoline and matches, his keys to freedom
Look up kid, the stars are still in place, the moon hasn’t left, there’s no pressure there. So stay, watch the sky. Just, stay. Don’t hide, the leaves are changing and the field is dead,
Take me to mars,So I can see all the stars,So high up to par, No need for fast cars.Alienated from this world,Just balled up and curled,Now and then wanting to hurl,Wishing I had my girl.
I planted you a rose; sat and watched it bloom the rose didn't feel me watching, or notice that I was trying to forget you.   Who do roses grow for? Surely mine for you,  
C#m: With beauty was she blessed Emaj: Yet in stride left a curse—   (Simile)
There is a strange peace in loneliness,
The castle walls surround me, a magnificent beauty all around, but not a soul is to be found. I am alone in this wonderful beauty. I try to end this maddening isolation,
Today I arose to find you not there beside me. I don't know what part of me expected your prescence, but Your absence disappointed me just the same.
someone could have loved her someone did love her but i never loved her i broke her,
Away, away I will not come back, remind me, yes remind me of sin and wrong remind me of why red so satisfied.   Confuse you? That is the point.
It is both a curse and a blessing to feel things so deeply. To take on the gravity of a burden or the flight of a fancy.   Both within herself and from those she cares for, as they live around her.
In a poem I once read
She smells like something musky and quietly contained.
  Afraid of a white suit and plastic hands We succumb to the thoughts of midnight Internal, we burn deep and scarred We cover them up by the amber morning Not understanding the source of these words
Ever get that feeling?
Am I going insane? feels like i'm in another dimension. Stop, get out of your head, you have to pay attention. Surrounded by your classmates, but feel alone all day. Dismissal bell means nothing, 
Behind this smile I’m smiling, but inside I’m dying
How does one get away from this bottom less pit, of what we call "life" In the distance, there is a house A house that is vacant, and beautifully covered with   Solitude.  
I spend my life
Happy thoughts don't exist. Nobody tries to understand. There's always an unkown twist, I'm on my last strand. I'm drifting away, hearing the voices. As the people try & pray,
At some point in my life,
Sweet mother, Sweet mother, do not forever flee from me, I long for you tonight in the black flowing sea. Please brother, Please brother, do not stow away from them,
I crave you in my deepest depressions. I fear you in brightest highs. In my midst of finding who I am and who I want to be, I get the sense of something going wrong. You call my name before I can even try to fix the broken pieces.
These are the heart-shaped scars my lovers leave.
The world might have left a piece out 
Lost, Alone, Silenced for too long
“Can I have that to go?  But why do I ask? Time doesn’t go slow, And I have no better task.   But we are always running, Away to better things. Our aversion is stunning,
What is a flower to bewithout its scent,              its petals,                              its obvious beauty? A weed.
A tear falls down. Just one, then two. I hang my head to hide my face, But I know he stiffens, closes off, turns away, Avoids seeing me as he makes his rounds. Round and round the papers go,
Racing mind and nonstop motion Shaking legs and bitten nails Painful head and shortened breaths
Books scattered around the floor
They tell me that I'm crazy But I don't think I am People whisper about me when I walk by Sometimes they even stop to stare It doesn't bother me much anymore Not like it used to  
Peaks of good and bad Patterned patches of plaid Life clenches us in its hands We must pay for what life demands For if we do not LIfe will leave us out to rot It can loosen its hold
like peter pan i flew away so i would never have to age a day  
Some call it crazy, Some say it’s sick, but I think it’s freedom, the pain is fierce, but quick.   Some say that it’s a sin, just a little to risqué. But it helps to release the pain
Life is a prison Won’t someone let me out? There’s no one around To hear when I shout.   Climb the walls of insanity Jump into the pit of despair. If I fall it won’t matter
My toes touch the edge, I look down. I see the darkness beneath the ground.   I look up, searching for light. All I see is darkness deep in the night.  
In a life full of sorrow and strife, The only thing I want to do is hold the knife. The knife that cuts, the knife that scars, The knife that stops most of the wars.   The wars inside, the fights on the out.
We are surrounded by people and things, By those who are chained and by those who have wings, By those who love life and dare to dream, And by those who are scared to even be seen.
I tore the words "Once Upon a Time" Traced the letters "O" "U" "T" Folded it up all nice and neatly, Kept it in my breast pocket for my heart to see, Then the words caught fire, They fell away to ash,
The Quiet Room with its white, padded walls. Sometimes I wish they were a different colour, any colour at all. Sometimes I wish there was noise, even the most annoying noise in the world.
Through paper thin walls, I watch as you slowly fall, With your kness down to the ground, And with eyes downcast, I can hear every sound. As the clock ticks away the time,
Open to the world Just a second As my stomach is twirled I look down and see how hectic
You don't know me. Not like you should. Not like a mother should. But how could you when I've shut you out? Having been broken too many times. How could you know my heart When I've hidden it so well?
Her lips get blacker and blacker,  And the more they do, the more she masks them with red lipstick    She claims she's got no regrets, but she suppresses each grudge as she inhales another cigarette,
We are His child.He knows our name.We ask, "Why?"He replies, " Hush my child."We don't understand.He holds us in His arms.We've failed.He loves.
Everything is overseenWind blows through the treesI see the gleam from the rain drops on the leavesThe grass a shade of greenSo peaceful So siren Grey clouds stream In the sky
i just need to vent .  this life is suppose to be well worth spent .  but as of now it makes no sense .  arguing and fighting and throwing a fit. but really is it worth it ? 
While holding her belly she tries to hide From the horrid stares as she walks by Traumatized eyes glare as she wishes the day would end For she’s too humiliated to face those she called “friends”
You promised we would be together forever I guess forever isn't such a long time White lies and night cries You take but never give I give but never live You say you love me But you left me..... 
In that moment I lost it allI lost all hope, all beauty to the eyeI even lost curiosity on the last personthat stretched my mindEverything began to resemble a rockworthless, pointless, just taking up space
I roam from here to thereremaining discontent.My heart won't call this place a home,It must stay unattached.Everything is so unreal,I know it won't be long.Slowly I will drift away,
I'm lost, Lost in a realm where though time is a deciding factor It remains unrecognized for the world know. Is one unshown in its happily ever As the pedals fall from its own start
    You start out thinking this year will be the one, I will actually make an effort, not leave and be done.    Two weeks in and your thoughts have changed,
But when you felt ready to shake apart, when the cold hands of fear gripped your heart. Did you not then beg for aid? Because you could never walk the path already laid. And grass cut your voice thin,
As I walk into school, I feel everyone’s eyes on me They burn holes through my skin, And their glances pierce my stomach
Darkness lies inside my mindCoiling around my soulScarce are those who are kindCausing me to not find my roll
It was September of '08 when I went into depressionNo other emotions other than sadness and agressionI lost two people in my lives that monthMy nana from cancerAnd my step-father who was cheating on my mom for months
Can’t stand this feeling anymore So much built up inside just eating away Burning all the way to the core Feel like my whole life is starting to fade
You ask why, but I cant give the real answer The story cant be heard No its not correct to say the things that happened Get personal,  NEVER! Its inappropriate..   But what if my story defines me
Life can flow, Life can stop, But don't you dare waste one drop, For Life is Precious, And Life is Blessed, If you just end it you're guaranteed to be missed, Life is like water,
The tears creep down my faceAs I watch him saunter awayAt an unsteady pace.I never wanted it to be this way. I look at my phone,Look at his ring.The tender loving boy I had known The song we once sang, he ceased to sing. The heart throbbing words
It's 3 in the morning My parents are sleeping My sister is dreaming The dogs are howling   It's 3 in the morning And the wind keeps blowing The earth keeps spinning The people are living
  When cold, they slowly spread Icy, sleepy, dead. When hot, it all moves so quick Bright, fiery, slick They say particles move by heat Is that not deep?   Do I move because I am deep?
I place the weight of my body onto a jagged rock on top of a mountain. With my head turned to the left, the breeze brushes my cheeks.
Faces passing by bland grey in the corner of my eye To think I see them every day again and again along my way they don't know my name I don't know theirs if one goes missing no one cares 
  Just one step and…gone Maybe in an instant Maybe after a few minutes Gone Maybe it will be like the movies
She Looks for Hope when she Is in pain. But hope Seems to run away because  You can't find something if you Don't believe in it. She starts to lose Her battle against her misery. The voices
She cries and breathes heavilyNo one understands her.She has tried over and over againTo fit in. And yet when she walks down the hallwaysShe holds her books closerAs her so called peers look down on her.
Feeling great I just got back from a date But have not always been this way Sure now I am ok But there was a lot to mend There was a point in my life I wanted it all to end.
Miss Shadows portrail is what I consider betrail because she looks nothing like me.   Miss Shadow sits as my mind throws fits so calm, I can't imagine why.  
They say time heals all wounds But what if that isn’t true Wounds eventually turn into scars And time can’t heal a mark that lasts forever Because whenever you look down, there it is
What must life be consist of? & why must one socialize with one another for?
Someone is yelling in my dreams as I rest.Someone I don't like: with feelings I've surpressed.They tell my I'm strong on the surface,But as for my soul, It has no purpose.Someone who gets me in trouble,
Her eyes were blue like the ocean. The salty waves form and roll on shore, her cheek. The continue to flow until they drown her. Her eyes, the sea, a door.
A girl stands directly in front of me. Her eyes follow mine as she begins to smile. I desire to know more. I look closer and see the pain that she keeps hidden. Her soul consists of emptiness.
Broken girl, going around with that fake little smile as she says "im good."  It's a lie, she goes home just to cry. She runs miles a day in the rain, in a sweater. Just to lose the pounds shes gained.
We are both earthquakes because we are scared and I don’t think I can kiss the moon beams anymore. My lips have become raw and bruised and scabbed from whispering your name.
Can I be understood I wonder I am so awfully unique The good and bad of it is so plain My voice makes no thunder My view is too terribly bleak My reality too much to blame On something so horribly cheap
I wish I could tell you then, how much I really love you. You became less important, as my love for others grew. You are a true gift, a blessing indeed; I wish I knew that then
Sadness is some thing that often over takes my soul. I feel a empty ness inside myself and can't break it, I cry as the sadness pounds on me from all around, and can't seem to shake it.
A girl wanting more, Struggled with self confidence, Bound to her own thoughts.   Thoughts that destroyed her. Shouting that there is no hope, Refusing to stop.   Yet something remained,
How will I die? Will I die by fire? Will it be the tumbling of an empire? Maybe I will drown. Or get shot up in town.   These are all possibilities. But I know which will happen.
How could it eat you alive, look through your eyes and control your every move. Your poor soul was taken with the
She walks alone, She eats alone , She doesnt talk much, might just say a simple hello, occationally She smiles, but She smilles at The Tree, for She can talk to it, and it can talk to she,
I'd take It all. Every one that you have ever had. You'd never experiene It; Think of what life would be like! All of It. Gone.   It wouldn't happen with a snap of a finger.
Shadows are dark  So it's easy to hide Because it is so afraid  Of showing itself on the outside    Shadows could be around people  Shadows could be found behind anything  Found behind boxes
O solar flares. Take me away from this terrible place where loved ones turn on you. Solar flare, why don't u come a little closer. Don't be afraid. Take all my troubles away.
Alone lost in the abyss Towering figures lack of grace Brute actions hidden in a subtle pace Movements that burn away  The euphoria of nostalgia  Time is but a fatal tease Oh please oh please cease
   Tearstained face from all the stress, Tired of being caught up in this mess. Faded scars on my skin, Memories appearing again and again.
  My Love he makes me the happiest, but he also causes me so much pain I wish I never met him, but I also want to be held in his strong arms My Love he is full of rage, but he is also so senistive
She held him tightly as she bled A gushing pool of crimson red. He cried out, “How can this be? “Why must she be down, and why not me?” Her wedding dress was now drenched,
  There's a point in time when sadness becomes unshakeable.  and becomes a being whos thirst for bearing pain is insatiable. When you allow it to, sadness will find a voice of it's own and start speaking
The darkness it swells up like a wave getting taller every second it looms ominously over my head and then suddenly it crashes down and engulfs me making everything dark
I noted today that hope oft dissipates to the cloudsIs that because it's where dreams are found?A forlon sigh that travels the windWill surely find freedom come world's end
All I see in this world, is blue having no one to confide in you you find yourself inapt to do the things you wish to find and sew.   Pieces left to rot and dew the minds who have not a clue
 Show me how you bleed,
 I will bleed out in your place and kiss your aching heart.

 Teach me how you sin,
I will sin twice as much and embrace your broken soul.
This disease is stealing you away from everybody you care about inability to disclose you need help but you can't accept it too proud to take anybody's hand or to admit defeat and then with poetic justice
Perhaps I will purchase new glassesAnd frame my darkened lamps anewAnd auspiciously. Here I might beseech,Behold, and betoken another looking-glass self;Here enkindle and focus new knowledge
I don’t know what got me here… I don’t know why I’m here, I don’t know who brought me… the last thing I remember is saying goodbye world.
"Just come to me my dear, and you will have no fear." She walks alone through school; no one seems to think she's cool. There's something about her that makes my dead heart stir.
"I'm so lonely. I'm Mr. Lonely. I have nobody..." these words ring true in my ears from that shitty song so popular a lifetime ago. But back then I didn't listen and couldn't empathize. I had a friend and
You really think it’s hard to live in blue? I wish you the best in finding yellow. You should shoot for pink in its harshest hue, or mint green, I heard it keeps you mellow. You’re much too old for orange’s energy,
Mirror, o' mirror Clung upon my wall. Reveal unto me Life Or, blessed Death shall befall!   A Frankenstein of thought Molded by the Divine. A Mad hatters’ noxious creation,
  Through and through the lines were blue The paper, white; the pencil, new Each stroke the artist made gave way To new creations everyday   All her life, she drew and drew 
  Pain, Torment, Hurt, Sorrow, Emptiness Feelings I experience everyday There is no way to describe Let them wash away and happiness stay  
You're tired. Each day weighs heavily on your tongue. Where do you go? What do you do? Who do you become?   You stumble into a yellowing kitchen. Cupboard doors hang onto their hinges with tremulous grips.
Love doesn't come with directions, it's never quite the same Sometimes it leaves you broken up, or changes your last name One look, one touch, one smile could really change it all 
and you lie awake at night listening to the sweet stars whispering sweet lies.the bright Darkness of the nightsky glaring down at you.
What eats me up inside, is what is keeping me sane. What eats me up inside, is what is keeping me insane. Living with such conditions is not a choice, but a blessing.
Why do I write?Because it is the thing that lets me be creativeWhy does anyone write poetry?It's a song one can sing without knowing the correct notes
My father is an alcoholic. My mother's love is harsh.  When I talk, nothing I say is heard The only thing keeping me sane is my writing.  It's my outlet when everything is going downhill. 
I sit with a post it, Willing the words from my sophomoric mind, And they do not come, For I have nothing to say.   
She walked and walked, appearing to enjoy life, But no one noticed her cuts and her strife. She stayed up one night thinking about an unreachable bliss, And she cried as she watched the blood drip from her wrist.  
I miss the stones That used to tap on my window To wake me up And sneak out with my people I would softly laugh As I climbed down the wall To greet you with open arms But now you are gone
You never took the time to see how i felt,  You simply did instead of do. I was hurt , Heartbroken and unheard  and now im all alone. Helpless, Defenseless and Aching .  
Visitation Day   A long hall with locked doors on either end Some unfamiliar face through a window has to buzz you in
Why I Write? What kind of question is that? Why do you breathe? Why do you speak? Why do you sit there and think? Some Dance and sing Some Do math and physics
  Like the sound of silence calling, I hear your voice aloud and suddenly, I feel I'm falling, lost in a dream.   You were everything to me, The air that I breathe,
Wandering Words  A violin has potential to awaken a heart with her lovely tune Just as words have the potential To free someone
The loneliness consumes me like a disease marked black with the stench of death. A feeling of isolation comes and goes, as sometimes I like it, and sometimes I don't. The weathered floor of my mediocre bedroom
Speak out! The voice of mutes made by cries that fall on deaf ears. The sounds of silence ringing on telephones of imagination and hopeful expectation. Filled with dignity, Clothed in shame.
The pain that I felt over the years The kind that brought those silent tears The more I saw my heart break The less of a women in myself I thought I could make Many times I thought I fought my love
As I am Not like many others who do not stray I am but one of whom you can't clone Whose emotional tune does not play   Triggering the thought of loneliness at will Sacrificing myself at every turn
There once was a girl With long brown hair With bright blue eyes And skin so fair   There once was a girl With tears in her eyes With a blade in her hand And shaken with cries  
Broken streets mind is forced to travel, Empty soul enforced to search. Trembling hands hunt for redemption, Merely paper they unearth.   Lips begin to quiver As crystal escapes at last,
Sitting in an empty room with nothing but me Enclosed by four walls that stare at me With no mercy or sympathy they stare With menacing eyes they stare  
I've never been the girl who was alone. I always had a friend by my side, walking down the halls in school, over summer break in the park, there was always someone who asked me to come.
Carlyn Frye Why I Write Scholarship 08/10/2013 Troubling Inspiration   Married, four kids, a big household Working for a company with a huge work load
He writes poetry, He writes art. Poetry brings out the loud voice within him, Poetry was the elation he needed during those dark moments in high school. Yes, poetry was his anti-depressant. His drug.
  The 5 senses I was blessed with became my curse   I saw, I felt, I smelled, I heard, i tasted what my life offered me   My hopes, thoughts, and dreams became deflected  
A star-studded calendar and meeting the sun every day at seven cannot curve the blowOf the fact that we are learning the unspoken of moving apart.I miss you.
Black.   I turn to the square. It’s light immense, mesmerizing, captivating. And there’s color. So much color. I can’t stop myself from looking.
For so long i struggled with unhappiness. Looking into the mirror, wishing the pigment of my skin was just a tad bit fairer  That if so life would be a lot easier. For me, just living wasn't even worth it
I am from a big city to a small town. I am from the green eyes of my broken hearted mother. I am from the epileptic father, taken hours after my birth. I am from the drunken, broken promises of my step father.
When so many things  are going through my head I use Poetry to get them out or it'll come out in the wrong way   The only acting I'm good at is when I write I can play a killer, an outcast,
As I sit in my room I ponder the many reasons why I write. A ponder and wonder and think for a moment. I have many reasons, and I shall try to be contrite.... I write to escape.
Poetry What it meant to me before Just words written in a stanza With rhymes and patterns I knew that they’re art expressed in words
Momma, don't you feel the water? The water that drips all day? Momma, it pours harder, It will not go away, I haven't read the Bible, Don't recall the date, But it's when I was stronger,
My struggles are hard to muster I feel like nobody understands me My struggles dull my luster  like rust to something shiny I though I was a normal kid  living the suburban life  Now I'm black man
Disappointment ‘round every corner Burnt bridges unsafe to venture No top hats like the frog of Warner Just utter sadness, until the need for dentures   Pitiful attempts to leave the nest
              I write to bleed emotion on this blank piece of tree,to connect to the depths in my mind understnading why.
She tried to console me but her arms felt like chains, they were cold and skinny and mean like chains. I told her she didn't care and I meant it, I felt that she was never there and I believed it.
I am the heart of my house now, i've become the very soul of this dark place. The water of the dripping faucet is my tears and the lifeless broken mirror is my face. I am the walls, plain, worn, and bare.
OH, EXCUSE ME Let me dig myself a hole, lace it with insincerity and senioritis and fill it to the brim with misery Allow me to proceed to throw myself in this vacancy in the ground
Do you know what it's like To be in this world alone? To be so different That no one understands?   As I wish upon the stars For the very first time I stand there Like time is mine
The night flies past meMocking my sanityI scream silentlyPleading to the moon My cries fall upon deaf earsI am again left to my selfWho is this with meA person I do not know
I write not because it makes me feel special, Not because it makes me feel scholarly, But because it’s my one bit of air that I gasp in Before the tidal wave comes crashing down over my head, Drowning
Depression hurts It is not the latest trend to be snapped up by the eager massesIt is a false faced monster that swallows up its prey without mercyIt is not a pretty jewel to add to a crowned head
Fight through the pain now Don't give in to the night. Take your last breath while standing Let strength be your fight.   (chorus) Lock-down 'cuz we're loesing ground
I can not die.I can not live.I can not lie.I can not give My world falls, down a spiral I can not see. Who's that guy? Me, I..
Where do I fit? Standing among the crowds, Watching them all pass by, They all have an identity. Where do I fit? I break their molds, I am too good to be bad, And too bad to be good.
I like the intricacies of verse, multiple syllables strewn together in a formal translation, a bump and struggle for quick comprehension before the next lines are said. I’m not interested in vague references
It’s just an empty room, crowded, with people. Their mouths move, but nothing comes out. A finger points furiously there. A hand waves even further away. A foot stomps vigorously somewhere.
I failed.There's no time left for this world. It's just me in my lab sitting on this linoleum floor. The lab once hailed for its cure Has now left corpses piled at my door.
Isolation Desperation Perspiration Desolation Devastation Condensation Precipitation Damnation Our nation Lost patience. Determination.
Space can be compared to anything you might, From a mystical journey to even a sweet delight No one can know Space: friend or foe But even still we try with all our might.
The stars are specks of light, A broken string of scattered pearls, Dandruff, Dust on black velvet, Rice thrown on a wedding day, Snowflakes, White ashes on coal, Pebbles in a riverbed,
Why did I feel that my presence was an abomination and that a cut on my wrist should be my only physical sensation? That at the drop of blood all my anguish would disappear,
The stars they shine, like diamonds in velvet. So grand and so bright way up in the sky. A breeze blew by but I barely felt it. My mind mesmerized by those stars, but why? Then clouds rolled in and I let out a sigh.
Solitary confinement is considered the worst type of punishment and cruelty any human can endure, and yet I punish myself. Isolating myself from the outside word, embracing total solitude. Causing me to live in my own mind.
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