Without Humanity

If the world were to crash and burn,

And all life ceased to exist.

What would be my biggest concern?

What one thing, I could not resist?


With not a caring soul or a comforting sound

Stranded, was I, until rescue appeared –

Population scarcely abound

That is the single thing, I truly feared.


As the sky is falling rapidly

Then the Earth cries in desolation

All around me, anarchy,

The fresh setting for my accommodations


I cradle my thoughts

With one true apprehension

Humanity – it rots,

And I drown in isolation.


Human Interaction

That’s what I  would crave

From the weak and the useless

To the subtle and brave.




The inevitable would appear

Right before my weary eyes

Conditions utterly severe

“Just end it all” – I’d advise.


However, you cannot simply relinquish 

Striving is an absolute must

It truly is absolute anguish

But this action you must trust.


I would have to recover

Forget the panic within

I would have to discover

A world differ from it once has been.


Many would fear death, possession, and all lost hope.

My true fear is irreplaceable.

Humanity would be the one thing.

The one thing I’d miss most. 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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