Heart In A Bottle

Close all the doors to the outside 

Never let anyone in

Trap all the pain inside 

Hold it there, take it to my grave.


Seal my lips, don't let the words escape 

Screaming on the inside

But nobody hears a sound

Locked up with my own demons. 


My words fight for a way out of my mouth 

My heart thumps against my chest

Trying to escape the internal terror

I can run as far as I will, but I'll never outrun myself.


Silent waves of tears that will never fall

Break against my heart

Screams that will never make it past my lips

Boil up in my throat, choking me.


There is a storm raging inside me

But I'm the only one who feels it

The smile that plays across my lips

Fools all on the outside.


Trying to get out of my own body

Trying to shut down my thoughts 

Wanting to be somebody I'm not

Faking my way through life.


 Hoping against hope that things will get better 

Drifting in and out of reality

Standing in a world that exists only to me

Trying to make it with my heart in a bottle.


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