I turn to the square.

It’s light immense, mesmerizing, captivating.

And there’s color.

So much color. I can’t stop myself from looking.

So much beauty, knowledge, humor, emotion- in this light.

A little girl laughs, a glass jar breaks, a new planet discovered, a bridge defies gravity, a painting saves the homeless.

So many things to take in. And the clock ticks.

And ticks.

               Tick        Tick

                              Tick        Tick




And I look up.

The sun is going down.

The wallpaper is fading.

There is flesh beside me. But flesh does not speak.


It looks at its square.

In silence.


It coughs.


I stare.


And it’s black.

I look back to my square.



 It’s like life has sprung before me!

What could make this so realistic?

The trees are fluorescent pink. The man speaks in ferocity. The ground quakes. The pie steams.

These voice tremble, my hands and thighs pick up the vibrations. A wedding commences; the audience cries. A debate rages; competitors bellow. A dance begins; the music flows.

So much vitality! So much passion! So much interaction!

               The sounds!       

                              The color!          

                                             The emotion! 


It is so much to soak up.

And I soak it up.

And I keep soaking it up.

Over. And over. Tick.      







And I look up.

The room is gone.

My eyes dilate, and the flesh is sleeping.

My neck hurts. My fingers are sore.

I rise.


I look to my left.

There is bread.


And melted ice.


There is no vibrancy.

The floor creeks.


The sky is black. I see a single star.



There is no music. No rhymes.

My eyes grow heavy.



My heart sinks.




And I look back to my square.

Where the world is real.


And everywhere else is black.




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