I used to think that

I used to think that my cowboy boots and pecan pie

Were all I needed to survive

As the summers were filled with the Fourth of July and state fairs

A supposed sense of freedom was in the air

But when I closed my eyes on a hot summer night

My sense of pride seemed to take flight

We think ourselves so great to belong in the sky

But our greatness has begun to die

As we think everyone must know the English way to say hi

And we let these isolationist things fly by

Because learning the ways of the world is not in our mind

We dictate the rulers of other nations that we deem kind

And change them when they no longer hold our hand

We show them the strength in our hand when they decide to invade our land

So I think that we really want to stay at the top

But our own nation is threatening to pop

As tensions grow and love cannot suffice

It seems power is the only device

From which we reach any agreement on

And no, we are not the greatest thing in the sun

But perhaps grudges can be molded

If only America the Great can withstand to be scolded 


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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