Day by Day

Am I going insane?

feels like i'm in another dimension.

Stop, get out of your head,

you have to pay attention.

Surrounded by your classmates,

but feel alone all day.

Dismissal bell means nothing, 

this feeling is here to stay.

Stuck in this trans-like state, 

Can't tell what's fake or real.

Look around at other students, 

I wonder what they feel..

Do they sit around in class

feeling lost in their own brain?

Or are they able to control it,

feeling safe, content, and sane?

Keep all your friends laughing, 

the class-clown role is mine.

But one crack in that fake smile

and they think that you're not 'fine',

So you keep up this facade

to avoid the question and the lie.

But is the struggle even worth

the act of just getting by?


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