Resilience: What A Creature Is She!


Sit down and view my world

Let me take you in


They say my name

As if it is I that should be ashamed.

And yet, I win another battle


They share these tired rumors around my ears

 Pretending I cannot hear them

Now it is twice I have won a cold war


You see the thing about me

Is that I tend to persevere

After all the hate, sadness and fear

From all of those

Who seem to oppose

My very existence


Who are they?


That girl that doesn’t want to sit behind me in third period.


That boy who keeps sneaking odd looks at me.


Those who won’t come near.



All because of what they’ve said about me.


Do you see the heat beneath their teeth as they tell their little lies?

Repeating an old story true-untrue,

One that would never die


They are so immature, but they haven’t even realize

Maturity barely past the undeveloped age of five


They’ll never just open up their eyes

I am old, they are young

Well, that’s just the tale of the wise


In high school I thought that they,

Would be the ending of my ceremonious demise

Meek and depressed

With very few friends

While they are countless


So many of them as there is only one of me

And yet I gain contempt

For all of those like them to see


I am in front of an army formatting

It’s me against them as I stand here silent

My feet planted firmly towards the ground

My teeth grinding agitatedly


I am stronger now,

Because I keep having to fight

The muscles in my body straining as I work out the predicament

Of this funny state of affairs

They congregate to throw rocks and to humiliate me

I tremble cold and untrue

Anger besets me,

I am a warrior of another kind


There is no peace sign or treaties

To weaken the enemy at their knees

Just all… out… war!!

It’s me against civilization


How did I get trapped up in this sticky situation?

There is no false grandeur or pretense about this girl you see

They just hating on me being me


Granted, my stubborn preservation

Is devastating

To their false super ego


I am an outsider because,

I do not speak in their gross lingo

Now I know I am the focal point of their horrid obsession

Subjected to the releasing

Of their internal tension


And in this lesson

It is never about me

And more about them

And their sad childish lives


Why am I so proud?

Because despite it all

I shall stand tall

While they cower and wept

Needing the rally of a crowd like sheep

I stand alone, leaving with an undefeated streak



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