For the woman that left me behind.


She tried to console me but her arms felt like chains, they were cold and skinny and mean like chains.

I told her she didn't care and I meant it, I felt that she was never there and I believed it.

She said let daddy go now, hes long gone. It'll be okay girl, why haven't you moved on?

Those words went through me like a thin needle and I felt no pain. No shame for holding on to someone that was warmer than

cold skinny arms, mean like chains, that restricts me, takes my freedom, and questions my motives for wanting to leave 'em.

I needed strength and she held a bucket of pity. I needed love but she handed me that bucket. I secretly despised her.

I secretly defied her by loving what was lost, the one who was lost to me forever. I'm saving these tears for the room that never lets my secrets slip past its old door. 

None for the woman that left me behind. Never for the woman that left me behind. That held me like baggage that puts pressure onto her spine. 

To her i'm a bag of issues. To him I was something precious.




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