What it Meant, What it Means



What it meant to me before

Just words written in a stanza

With rhymes and patterns

I knew that they’re art expressed in words

But I was too lazy to read them or write them

I was more into visual art

Cuz people say a picture is worth a thousand words

I used to believe that

Until one day


It’s weird how poetry introduced itself into my life

One day, I got an assignment

From a cool teacher I had

He wanted us to make a poem

About anything

And present it in front of class


I always loved that class, for in past assignments

I could show how creative I was with drawings

Now he wanted creativity in words

No problem

I already had an idea


I made a poem with my heart and soul

I practiced hard for my performance

I shocked my parents when I was practicing

I think I took the assignment too seriously

Cuz when it was my turn to present


I was the one who was clapped at the most

Everyone was shocked at how loud my voice was

For I was always the shy quiet little girl in the corner

Everyone congratulated me

Told me I had potential

And asking if I was secretly a professional poet


That moment I felt incredible

I have showed my thought and feelings

After confining them deep within me

For I thought my voice didn’t mattered

But it does

I saw it does, thanks to poetry


So poetry

What it means to me now

A way to express myself

Without telling anyone in particular

Whenever I feel happy, sad

I write it down in a poem

Even hatred I had confined within myself

For a couple of years now

I wrote it down in a poem

Which ironically helps the rights of certain people


Poetry has become a part of my life now

People say that one picture is worth a thousand words

I don’t believe that anymore

For poetry can do something than a still picture can’t

Actually say those prohibited thousand words

 That are confined within the picture

Or within ourselves


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