She walks alone,

She eats alone ,

She doesnt talk much,

might just say a simple hello,

occationally She smiles,

but She smilles at The Tree,

for She can talk to it,

and it can talk to she,

since the begining of time,

they were unseperable,

they were one,

but suddenly there came a day,

a sad trajic day,

an evil monster has consumed The Tree,

a monster named Rot,

it had consumed The Trees` roots,

devistation had taken over She,

as Rot consumed The Tree,

She had lost hope,

lost hope on anything,

on everything,

She was compleately alone,

no more The Tree,

for The Tree has left her,

She was angry,

Why did The Tree left She?,

a river of thoughts,


the sence of drowning,


quickly she grabs a gun,

pulls the trigger,

hoping to awake from this madness,

but She has noticed what she has done,

for now She wanders into the darkness,

with a slight hope,

they will meet,

all that She has is hope.




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