You Don't Know Me

Don’t tell me you know me

Because you don’t

All you know are smiles and “im okays”

You have no idea of the pain underneath

You have no idea of the battle im constantly fighting

You don't know how I struggle just to get out of bed

You don't know about the scars on my arm and thighs

I keep them covered just like everything else

You don't know about me power crying in the shower

Trusting the water to keep my secret

You don't know about me starving myself

Becouse im scared of getting fat

You don’t know about me planning my own death

Because i don't want to be alive anymore

You don't know me.

I keep myself locked up

Shove myself in the back of my closet

Leave myself hollow

I don’t trust people with my secrets

Afraid of getting hurt

I isolate myself

I don’t let myself get close to anybody

That way nobody can break me.

I'm living my own private existence

One filled with agony and trapped anger

And you say you know me.


This poem is about: 
My family


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