I am nothing without him.

For he is who has me all.

I climb trees, limb from limb

To hope he catches me if I fall.

They say he is not right,

What did he do wrong?

Because the arrival of the chilly nights,

Are lonely and question where you belong.

He will keep me safe,

He promised me he will.

From dangerous caves,

That build up the hills.

On this island of isolation,

Is where we might stay,

We have escaped the desolation, 

Of where there are no more sunny rays.

To drop back to hundreds of years,

We go back in time.

Trying to figure out where we could bear,

The time before we could rhyme.

So as to be safe from our own hands,

People don't think.

That our deaths were born from ancestral lands,

So close on the brink.

That is why I still need him,

My sanity, someone I could call my own.

For not much is left of the Pacific Rim;

Too difficult to hone all these skills alone.

So if it was up to me, if it was up to us,

I would be okay with just...us.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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