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A cigar stuck between your lips Your hands on my hips, remembering the first kiss The first day we ever looked in the same directionForgetting our imperfections, to see our true reflections
My reflecting face in the mirror Reflects your face in my eyes When I feel your shadow occupying my lonesome I can feel the lows and highs
Learn to own your own. If you mess up, you must say sorry don't blame it on this or that You claim to be lone subject to popularity and favor but you are the one who wears that mask  
Young adulthood is hard when it comes by It can seem so innocent, but times does fly I had my first heartbreak Which may be seen as a mistake  
Dear Lost Love, Flash back to this time last year I watched you when you were live That Colgate smile caught my eye Like a whisper in my ear The innocence in the grin But it’s not perfect to all
When she sees him her heart flies. Yet she tries to hide her feelings with lies. Deep inside, She hopes they will die, He looks at her with wonder. She seems different from the others.
You’re different from anyone I have ever met, After all that I have done and the mistakes I’ve made, you’ve never left, You’re beyond special to me, partly because we were best friends first,
My Sweetness, Freedom of reproach and firmness against difficulty Have been found in our love, Tried and tested, it is true.   I hear the grit of the others, Trash talking our silver-ringed way
Are we just now Meeting for the first time After all these yearsWhen I have known Every crinkle in your forehead And heard every story
She feels lighter, somehow Something soft and gentle in my arms The same pink mouth and doe-eyes The same soft skin on the back of her neck
We didn't need time neither did we need someone else I needed you by my side and you wished to be here now.   But it is not my fault  neither is it yours this happened how it did
  She is everywhere Even now, I swear she never left She’s in every car ride When rock songs play The echoes of the way she sings
You were there and then you weren't.Its like I felt this coming.Like its what I was waiting for.And it hurts. More than you could ever imagine. You call it a break.
Love is what fixed me, When I was broken. Love is what fixed me,  When I was alone. Your love runs the deepest, Not to the skin; But to the bone.   I love you because
Don't you ever wonder where he is if he even thinks about you everyday if you are the first thing on his mind in the morning and the last thing before he goes to sleep   You're young and so is he
It had to be a fucking honda The #1 car in townThose backseatsThose marks on meThat's where it all went down  
I have a friend who is 17, a junior in high school, and getting married. Automatic thinking: you’re too young to be getting hitched. You don’t even know what love is.
To express my love, I was afraid  Their judgment hung over my head  To dismiss it all is what they said  It is nothing but a child's game H
His face. A gentle face. A kind face. One that seemed to                                    slowly                                              seep into your soul and sleep
I don't know how to say goodbye. I don't know how to leave your side  But everytime I'm close to you I seem to lose my mind. And when your arms are wrapped around me, The butterflies dance inside.  E.C.
Getting lost in your eyes Is so easy No surprise
  To her He is the blinds that let in the light To him She is the stars that shine so bright   To her
I remember watching him sleep, his eyes fleeting back and forth under their lids. I remember him drawing long breaths, and his heartbeat wavering in his chest.
What the hell man?I gave you my heart, And you crushed it in your hand. You tore it apart.
    I saw him again today, with a milk ring around his lips as always, Breath of chocolate chip cookies, His beautiful tussled hair clung to his ears, The mud stains on his jeans from recess
What if I told you  That when I think you about my skin lifts from my bones and my brain turns into mush? What if I told you  That when you contact me my reality becomes distorted? What if I told you
I always liked you best when there were wrinkles on your fingertips, even though I know you hated it, love. 
at Mira's home by 14 year old Dove Seconds   in english my Name means orange brilliant, bright Strength
  I am a typical man, When it comes to memorizing moments I don’t remember the first laugh, Though I will know when it’s not there I can’t go without forgetting something,
I've been where you are That place where nothing seems to make sense  That place where it's you against the world I've been there    I've been to that place 
People say that she's perfect. All I can say is they're right. I can't believe I have her, No matter how hard I try. Far above what I've dreamed. Ultimately out of reach.
I found a box of dreams on my door step. Quick, it arrived; quick, it left and I wept. Never did I know that hope once it left. Left me broken and forever bereft. I think how I miss that hope and box of dreams.
I am here where you are not. I am trapped in a singular frame of mind With pressing thoughts of lonliness and yearing That never seem to dissapate.  The more that I revert to leaving you behind,
He is everything I always wanted,  but it came all unexpectedly.  
We peel each other’s clothes off Unwrapping gifts My Roman statue in the flesh
We were just kidsWith spit and secrets to swap 
To be with her  it seems to alway be a blur
He's a mystery, nothing obvious about him, 
You kiss my forehead gently even between our sheets all my warmth gathers there your eyes look upon me with such care Am I in love? I believe so something radiates from you
I look over my shoulder And there he stands, My face turns red And I can't feel my hands. My stomach flips And the butterflies zoom, The lights go out We're alone in the room.
I don't know what love is, Well, that's what they said. As they went and spouted that nonsense To their flavor of the week.I don't know what love is?I wonder... What is it that I feel,
        the wind blew through my hair as cars below whizzed by. he held my hand and was looking in the same direction as i, out on the free way, mere feet away rom where we stood.
Being in love is drenching yourself in gasoline and giving the significant other the match and trusting them not to drop it
I wish I chose my words more carefully that night. I take all this time to plan but one can never get ready for this,man. I spoke from the heart instead of my head I forgot that my heart has always been dead.
To all those who came after I'm sorry It's not my fault Blame the first For she took the piece of me That I wish so badly I could give to you
I like to think of our relationship as a tree that grew with love. But, it was injured as a sapling but it kept growing on our love and we kept placing more pressure on the break.
Lately I've been dreaming of you. They were peaceful, happy dreams: Dreams full of smiles and laughter, Innocent dreams of love. I love you more than you know. And the times we share mean the world to me.
I’m Yin and he’s Yang Juxtaposed Conflicting Never meant to touch   I’m his light and he’s my dark Distant Separate Never meant to meet   I’m his love and he’s my hate
I missed her for the way she would draw her backward As to the way she would walk with her subtle thighs not saying much to the world but letting me know she's my girl
I want go back in time and be in love again. I want to go back in time and give you a hug again. I want to go back in time watch you smile. I want to go back in time and stay for a while.
-You may have broken in. Your thought is within.
-I love how we hide important things from each other and try to live in the moment of pure bliss.
-I think of you when I am weak, I think of you when I am strong, I wonder if you think about me at all.
-I wish you were in my arms where nobody can do you harm. Because we're pretty cool even though you drool.
-Can you really trust me because I can't trust myself. Can I really handle you or do I just put you on the shelf.
-I hate that you make me jealous. I despise that you know how to make me jealous,
-Tourquoiste amber in her eyes open me to a new world where herI alwyas comply. Her shirt toys with and around me tempting are her breasts
-I can see that you're keeping things from me but I don't want to know why it is but eventually I'll wonder if it is my biz.
    We still can't communicate                                              
-You only like me Because I was your first body But your fondness will fade
-When I write you poetry, It makes the poet in me Think of you as the figure of affection
-She makes me feel happy again Whenever I hold her hand. I often remenisce
    unlike the past that we both encountered, I could never just leave it where it is completely. I could never even be the same because you were what completed me.
As I look into your eye  I see a refection of me  and I see a dark pupil  and I see a dark brown rim  this is all obvious  but beyond that I see the beauty in what I call mine 
The darkness has arrived, the sun has left to cry I open up but you still leave before i say goodbye It is too dark to walk around, all I do is fall I yell your name but still you do not call
When will the fire go out?
As the sky turns gray and the leaves fall
If a flower was love, why pick it? The flower will die so leave it be and it will grow
Goodmorning darlin' Sing me the story of our lives. Look at me again the way that you did When our eyes were new. Let yourself go with me again With that dazed wonder of new love.
I catch myself at times.Lost in thought...of him.Thinking of the times I've had.With him.The memories of us are fading now.At first I used to think of him99 times a day...then 98...97...96...
My broken angel With wings made of porcelain With a mind held together by threads With scars on his skin that run like mine do Deep Full of a history Of stories The stuff of nightmares
Everything is wild, And Everything is thus something, But will the tides turn, Till we have nothing?   We lost it all, Though we had it all, Everything was all we needed,
New Love They're three little words, but not very little to me, tell me your dreams, fears, and who you want to be. People claim to be lucky at the cards and unlucky in love,
I hear a faint dissonance travel You again, in homely tears  I am the wet nurse at your disposal;  So, let me be drained by the frenzy of desperation . . . .   Crusade along the barren land,
Read me a story Make one up; something with love.   I look above at the sky that is miles high.   Take me to the sky,       my love. Bring me to safety.
When I think of you, Ah, I can barely believe it is true. From the moment we met, I could see there was something. But could never tell what it was.
Sometimes I wish I could go back in time. There's somethings that I regret. Thinking that they would change themselves again, but it was me that it did forget. Me not letting my real feelings show,
I’m thinking of the one who won’t think back. I really need to get my mind off this track… I’m thinking about a guy who is really sweet, Why I can’t stop thinking about him has got me beat.  
Distance came crashing into my life, like a meteor decending into earths atmosphere, and I predicted catashtrophy from the moment I laid eyes on him. But we were star cross lovers, lost in the night sky.
I found lovein all sorts of places.I could coax it into appearingeven when a heart was withanother,though those weightswill never drop.I found it in the dog-eared pages
  Who would’ve thought? The quiet guy. I mean, we’ve shared some laughs, but who would’ve thought that we’d share tears, that we’d share dreams and we’d share fears?
There was a boy with almond flavored eyes,He spoke to me like he never knew a goodbye,And oh, when he touched me, It’s like he had the world at his fingertips,
I watch from the shadowsas you engulf her in your love-Your hands creeping up her sides,over her back and faceYour lips sharing words, feelings,affections, through hers I’m crushed
I'm on a thin sheet of ice. Either way I step I will have to pay the price. Contradicting ideas toy with my heart and mind, Ideas where not even sanity can unbind. Unbind my confusion of what to do
There are times that I miss you deeply. It comes like a crisp September wind. Your eyes, they dazzle all over me, Then I realize it’s all in my head. Your lips they kiss me tenderly,
Leave me to hate another day.   Where I will be proud to say, You were not only my girl, But the prettiest in the world.   Leave me so I can hate again
  Little dreams of a girl In her own little world. All she wanted was a friend's sensation. At the age of sixteen, There were none, it would seem.           So she dreamed of a bright admiration.
  In a crowded room, A bitterly familiar face, Brings to my memory, Every thing I’ve tried to areas
Little discreet glances flashes the other's way... Innocent smiles with thoughts beneath not so innocent... He cautiously extends out his lone hand that kisses the nape of hers, she smiles.
As the sunset hits the hills It almost seems the world stands still That’s what happens to me When I see your great beauty   I have to thank God you see For the beauty he put in front of me
I'm a youngin'.  From the world i was brought in.  when i'm sixty. i won't get gritty  based on my skin wrinkly and no more shirts fitted It's based on my health. can't be an elf.
  Her electric soul, her aching soul is scared and shines a cowardly light. They call her humble, humble and divine. Who wouldn’t love a girl with skin so fine?
I cried an ocean of tears. Then I swam through all my fears. Just to get to you. I was never afraid To prove it! I have always loved you. You always knew it. I would do everything 
And I feel as though our book has not ended, this chaper may have closed, but I believe better ones are in the making and in time our book will continue again.
I write to let you know How I feel How I miss you How I resent what happened I write to let people hear The eloquence of vowels The harshness of consonants
You are the moon that brightens my night You are the sun that brightens my day You are mine, and only mine. Is all this love? Maybe so. Is it a dream? I hope not. You and I must make a stand
I open the door To see him standing there With a rose on the floor And a note in his hand He hands me the note And I open it up To read what he wrote And I start to cry  
It is you I dream of night and day,  In my mind is the place you dwell,  It is you that causes my heart to sway, I hide my love so you can't tell,   A mysterious person you are,
Don't take a shot at love  if you know you’re afraid you'll miss  Don't ever hesitate  To ask for a kiss!  Don't be so sure  That everyone’s the same  A different personality
When you left leaves blew, away with my thoughts of you. My heart grips like roots.  
I’m in love, And it may sound funny because I’m only sixteen, And according to anyone over the age of 30 Our kind doesn’t know what love is, Well do you?  
Him. He's there. Purple skater shoes, His last name on the back, Talking all gamer and yet focused on   Me.  I'm there. Blouse and make up on- Trying super hard to impress him.
It's funny how you make me feel  A kid at heart A fool in love  my head stuck in the clouds above   I like the way you make me feel It's 2am  I hear the phone ring 
Love is compassion Love is deep Love is pain  Pain is Love  Love is how I feel Love is what I feel, you are how I feel Your love is what I desire Your heart is what I want. 
When I see you, the butterflies go crazy. Flying and fluttering, Telling me the obvious. You smile and wave, Seemingly thrilled to see me, and I can't help but smile and wave back,
If I could change one thing about my past It wouldn’t be me loving you, or the amount of time and effort I invested in you... It would be the oceans waves that washed against this brown beach
i watch the raindrops slide downi watch the cold creep upi watch the day turn to nightand i know i'm dying on the insidei want to tell you you're the onethe only one i lovebut i can't seem to find the words
I miss you now, but hold my tears Knowing you're there through all my fears. These days seem dark and filled with gloom, Woven with trouble on a weaver's loom.   But through the clouds I see a ray,
Lonely Night When I look at the see I only sea me, Nothing special, Nothing true.  I wonder through the sand  Dragging my feet in the blue, To my surprise  a little white shell caught my eyes
They say, love is complex.. that's complexity found in the emotions that are reaching at the brain, flowing into the heart but his definition fails to leave the lips of the one who's in love.
When it comes to my feelings,  My heart beats only for you. This is a simple way I know,  The love we share is true.   Your smile, your laugh, and your gentle touch,
I want to show you my writings  how my heart spills onto paper.  I want you to look into my eyes  and gaze into my soul.  I want you to read my lips  to hear what's in my head. 
The only time I conquorThe only time I fightThe only time I feel, is only when the time is right.If I am human, and if I am true...Why do I feel nothing but when it is felt by you?Emotionally stable?
It seems to me, that every girl wakes up. These girls hope that today they will finally be swept off their feet. It doesn't matter where they go. There is always a chance... This is why, everywhere we go,
  Staying up every night sleeping in every morning The amazing embrace or rain that come down warm and pouring With it’s magnificent sunsets always orange, purple, and pink
  Why did you have to love me? I can promise you that it’s nothing against you. But, I turn away because I keep love close, maybe too close, and I think that I will only remember and love you.
Never leave my side and never let me go. And I promise I'll do the same for you, as long as your love shows. Yes, I believe I belong here. Yes I want to stay in your heart, if I may.
We've always really talked but not like this, never nonstop, feelin like a couples first kiss, such blissand emphasis put on one simple thing, talking, stalking eachothers words like a predator to its prey and I pray that these actions stay the sa
Beneath rusted swings and burnt yellow slides That curved between laughter and orange horizons Laid her hand in his sweaty palm She leaned her head on his undeveloped chest Magnolias before they bloom,
The Woman sees a smiling face an she is hypnotized.  she hears the voice so deep an sweet, she cant help it she is paralyzed.  just one look into those shining eyes and without knowing she is spinning 
The lonely feeling trickles throiug my mind, Solemly, I begin to climb Into your jacket, stained with your smell Praying you are doing well I sit in silence, curled in a ball my heart begs for just one call
  A young romantic I was As delicate as a lily with weight of morning dew. The love I sought did not show through my mouth, Only through my pen. Letter after letter, I wrote Page after page
You love him he loves you There's something not supporting you two. It cuts through your love like a double-edged sword, You were barely even warned. You thought that love would be enough,
I knew he was nervous. He sat next to me, close enough to show interest but still left room between us for question. I imagined his hands were sweating by now. I felt him looking only at my eyes while they were distracted.
I lose my head when I'm with you. The way I forget to breathe, the way everything in me tingles.. It's a funny feeling. It's a great feeling actually, the way you grab my attention,
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