My reflecting face in the mirror

Reflects your face in my eyes

When I feel your shadow occupying my lonesome

I can feel the lows and highs

Your voice is like eternity whispering

Your smile is like flowers in spring

Your touch that never betrays a second

A second that lasted longer, unbounded by strings

When night strikes with myriads of memories

When the mist of mistrust is lifted

Your presence embellish my existence

And your absence strikes as euphoria

A sky hoisting the crescent of young love

Emblazoning your name in the chambers of my heart

Submitting the red flags, now I am sailing above

To the place where angel sings and the worries depart

And here life calls for me and heavens showered rain

Rainbow grows and stretch my horizon

Reflecting the banalities and washing away the pain

How a feeling levitates one's self

When two soul unites

Does love shapes an amateur into poet ?

Or are we all poets waiting for something to write


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