Seattle, Wa
United States

We've always really talked but not like this, never nonstop, feelin like a couples first kiss, such blissand emphasis put on one simple thing, talking, stalking eachothers words like a predator to its prey and I pray that these actions stay the same, never change, no matter what happens each and every day. We talk whether its about something or nothing past or present future or fears, switching gears isnt the piont, the point is how we feel and right now I'm feeling kinda weird, kinda turnt up, kinda burnt up from Cupids burning arrow, shot up. Caught up in feelings im afriad to have cause i dont know if i should be Happy Sad Mad or Glad Its confusing cause you like me too and that leaves my mind spinning times 2 why because a girl like you  so perfect and prestine likes me someone damaged emotionally as well as physically see but thats what makes you so fucking special when we're talking you make me as a mess just go and all that is left is me smiling sorta blindly shining just from talking. The words exchanged from one mouth to the nest is better than that of passionate sex even if our words are just over text...


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