When you love someone, but it goes to waste

You were there and then you weren't.
Its like I felt this coming.
Like its what I was waiting for.
And it hurts. More than you could ever imagine. 
You call it a break.
I call it heart break. It was all me wasn't it? The whole time? Every argument I started. Every laugh you began?
You left me and I said sorry.
I cried my eyes out and contemplated life.
But I said sorry.

Every thing I know is gone.
I have a fear full feeling its going to be long.
with one word you left.
With one you can return.
From my mistakes I will learn.
Its like with out you I don't burn.
I miss you're voice.
Waking up in the morning to hear you're noise. 
I lived for that.
Everyday we faught, yes. But I lived for that laugh.
Its unbearable to think you're gone.
I listen to our song.
Or what was.
I can tell you've given up. 
Please don't leave me in the dust.
All I ever wanted was you.
Even when I left. 
Lights guided us home.
That's was love.
And if you have love for me now its not what it was.
I have a sick feeling you're gone
And I fear its going to be long. 
Please come back, don't forget what we had.
I don't want you to be a lesson.
And I always saw that you were a Blessing.
One I took for granted.
But I promise you, you're leaving someone who would give the world for you.
And if you wanted more I would search the galaxy to find you happiness too.

So I am sorry for not realising what we had. I am sorry for my assumption and if you don't return then I guess I learned for the next boy. This break is only one thing.... But time to think of why you shouldn't love me.... I can't find my way back to you if I can't leave. I want you to want me to stay even if it means fighting everyday. After what we have talked about... I knew I shouldn't have.... I knew I was giving in to much but I couldn't help it I loved you. Give me one more chance and if you leave me I swear... On my own life... So help me god.... You can walk away and kill me with distance.

Tell you're family I'm sorry
Tell you're soul I'm sorry 
Tell you're heart I'm sorry 
Tell yourself i'm sorry
Tell you're love I'm sorry
Tell you're time I'm sorry
Tell you're life I'm sorry
Tell you're head I'm sorry
Tell me to be sorry.


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Daisha Tenorio

Hey readers, just a bit of background on this poem for you all. I actully wrote this poem when I went through a rough 9 month longdistance relationship breakup with a boy form Michigan and im from Texas. Yeah, 22hr if I catch 2 flights righ now, So heres the thing about longdistance relationships, for every person faced with LDR or thinks a LDR isnt considered a real realationship at all, the thing with a LDR is before you can ever touch this persons skin or hold this persons hands or even hear their voice first hand, you must fall for something right? Right, see my belief in LDR is you fall in love with youre significant others personality and small manirisms beofre you can kiss them or feel their body pressed against you waiting for that big hug becuase you have to wait so long but to others its a simple hug, and everyday thing. Thats another thing about LDR is evrything is so much more precious. I am a realitivley happy person, very outspoken and a go getter. A and B student. High GPA and i had gaols and a drive to reach thoes goals. After the prolonged LDR breakup all of that left with him. MY drive to get up in the morning and brush my hair was a struggle, Being around friends and enjoying family events was even harder. I've never been depressed and I dont know how eles to explain this, but I was in the darkest place I had ever been before. So I turned to peotry to reach out to him, I actully sent him this exact poem. My goal in this poem was not to beg for him to return, even though so badly I wanted him to, Truthfuly I dont know what I was trying to accomplish but reading it 5 months later, I realised I was really just trying to forgive my self, I was trying to get better, I wanted to accept my own appoligioes and really accept them. Even though I wrote this poem for him, deep down I beilive it was for me and this reason, this scholarship, 5 months ago I couldnt even smile now I read this and tears flow from my eyes because im finally my self again. This is me telling my self I am sorry for ever forgetting who I am. 

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