Our Kind of Love


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Love is what fixed me,

When I was broken.

Love is what fixed me, 

When I was alone.

Your love runs the deepest,

Not to the skin;

But to the bone.


I love you because

You are perfect.

I love you because

You are kind.

I love you because 

You are caring.

And I love you

Because you are mine.


Three years it's been,

Yet here we still are;

Closer than ever,

Never drifting far.


You chose to love me

When no one else did.

At first I was weary

And at first I hid.

But soon I realized,

Your love wasn't fake.

For now you are the reason 

I always lay awake.


It is awake that I lay dreaming,

Of you with me

And I with you.

Because I love you;

For all that you do.

Because I love you,

You love me too.

Because I love you,

It will reign true.


And by it I mean us

Our love,

Our relationship,

And all that we are.

For if you'll be my moon,

I'll be your stars.


They might think we're stupid.

They might say we're too young.

But you know what I say?

They can jump off a roof

And plunge.


For I know you better,

Better than I know myself.

For I still have that picture;

The one on my shelf.

The picture I have,

It's of you and myself.

From not one or two

But from three,

From three years ago.

Sitting on my shelf,

I still have that photo.


It feels like forever,

That we have been here.

And now I know,

I have nothing to fear.

Because I love you.

Because you love me.

Because I know,

We'll last eternity.


You make me feel



And perfect.

You make me feel

Like I'm worth it.


You have changed my life

For the better:

You have made my life great.

And now we are happier;

And we never feel hate.


We encourage each other

And lift each other up.

We support one another,

Through all the cracks and the bumps.

We try to be better every single day;

Better for one another,

Even though there's nothing we would change.


Because you love me

I love you

Because I love you

You love me

And because we love each other

We are eternally free.





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Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! Please continue to express your life your heart and your soul! Keep sharing!

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