Autumn Approaching



In a crowded room,

A bitterly familiar face,

Brings to my memory,

Every thing I’ve tried to areas

Memories that could blossom

Pink roses to a pale cheek

Our hands once clasped together

Yours strong, mine weak


In a crowded room

All motion is transfixed

I am frozen in the intensity of your stare

- Unsettled, Unraveling, my emotions seem mixed

To you I was the mocha

That hovered about your crème

That distracted you from the lonesomeness

Of your plain vanilla bean


In a crowded room

A cold wind howled to me

A certain 3 word phrase

That only you have said to me

Through the window

The wind howled in discolored yellow and red leaves

Reminding me of that past betrayal

Yet I was so eager to believe- in you.


But now you are

The giant elephant in the room

That everyone chose to ignore

For they knew what we thought was hidden

Was largely exposed and

Now you are the bleach

That discolored my black satin

Now you have tainted

The consistency of my pattern


In a crowded room

A bitterly familiar face

Brings to my memory

Every thing I’ve tried to areas

Flavor that made me nauseas

Lies that made me cynical

Secrets that made me paranoid

Love that left me tainted

Despite the memories, your face is the one thing that moves me.


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