My Love


You are the moon that brightens my night

You are the sun that brightens my day

You are mine, and only mine.

Is all this love? Maybe so.

Is it a dream? I hope not.

You and I must make a stand

We must show that you and I are together forever.

We can be there with tenderness through sickness.

The way my heart beats when I see you

It skips a beat for only you.

The was I get butterflies in my stomach when I talk to you and see you

Seeing you gives me a reality check

I know all of this, with you, is real

When I first met you it was enchanting

And now here we are, you and I

You in front of me looking deep in my eyes

I know it is compassion and kindness

I know it's love for the both of us

Love like a married couple, a strong bond

Love like the night and stars, it's always there

Love of us, random, happy, and forever there my love.




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