Knowing Love


I’m in love,

And it may sound funny because I’m only sixteen,

And according to anyone over the age of 30

Our kind doesn’t know what love is,

Well do you?


Do you know what it feels like for him to make me smile?

Make my days, when life doesn’t even seem worthwhile.

Do you know what it feels like for him to call my name?

It’s sweet, like honey suckles on a hot summer’s day

That touch my tongue,

And I know

Sometimes I don’t treat him well,

He’s always there for me and

time can only tell when I’m doing the next thing to make us part

He’s just waiting on the next time I do something stupid,

To run us off track

Although he knows that I’ll always come running back


What can I say, I’m addicted

He’s my love, and I shall forever want him

He runs through my soul

And without him, my body can’t function

That’s how much of a hold he has on me

Like chains, except… I don’t want to break free


And it’s crazy, I know

How could I be this in love

When he finds out how much I love him

He’ll think I’m insane and leave!


But my love is not for a person you see,

My love is simply poetry

And that’s who I call when I feel down

Write in my book because it makes me feel sound


At the end of the day, that’s who I’ll be running to

Me, paper, pen and you



I’m in love, and you… well you’re my poison.



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