How You Make Me Feel...

Getting lost in your eyes

Is so easy

No surprise

How You make my heart rate rise

Being with you I forget my pain

Oh how I love to be

Your Dame

Never to be tamed

Although you try

With a light squeeze of

My thigh


I am yours and yours only

Hold me tight

Oh how I’d love to sleep

In your arms

All throughout the night

My heart skips


Lip touches lip

No need to think

As we are in sync

For you to pull away now

Will drive me wild

like taking candy from a young child

A grin creeps upon your

Dimpled face

Because you’ve caught me

Still lost in

Your kiss’s embrace

I scowl in annoyance

Looking away

Not in the mood to play


Your lips relax from that lovely smile

About to make it worth my while

Into an enticing pout

What you do makes me want to shout!

My heart picks up its beat


(Oh how I wish moments like this would never end)

For I know you are about to put me in check

You plant a sweet kiss upon my neck

A gasp escapes my lips

Your hands rest about

My back and hips

Playing hard to get at times I cannot win

You tenderly pinch my trembling chin

Longing in My Eyes

(Oh How I hate Goodbyes)

For you to Start again

Then My Beloved

The one I chose to Adore


Decide To Kiss 


Ever More



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