The One Who Won't Think Back

Sat, 11/30/2013 - 14:01 -- eimsmh

I’m thinking of the one who won’t think back.

I really need to get my mind off this track…

I’m thinking about a guy who is really sweet,

Why I can’t stop thinking about him has got me beat.


He listened to my ranting and raving and crying.

He comforted me when I felt like I was dying,

Cracking under the pressure I felt within.

From the yelling of those whom I call kin.


He took me out to the roof where we lay,

And looked at the stars, some peace for the day.

I’d just turned 17, and I really felt

That he made this day, the best one I’d been dealt.


We shivered and cuddled from the harsh cold.

I was actually glad I had someone to hold.

I wish he had kissed me, it would be my first.

I really wanted it to be him, not some jerk.


They’ll be here this summer, and I just have to hope,

That he doesn’t just see me as some friend who can’t cope,

With the crap all around her, I must seem so weak.

A girl just longing, for a kiss on the cheek.


I’m thinking of the one who won’t think back,

I really need to find the guts that I lack,

And tell him how I really do feel.

I hope that it works out, for real.


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