For You

I lose my head when I'm with you.
The way I forget to breathe,
the way everything in me tingles.. It's a funny feeling.
It's a great feeling actually,
the way you grab my attention,
the way you make my heart beat a little faster than it's supposed to.
The way I look at you, I could stare at you forever.
And if my eyes could talk they would tell you all of my secrets, they say them all the time.
But what's even better is the way you look at me.
You look at me like I'm the world,
like I know all the answers,
like you're interested.
And I'm in love with that.

You are the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.
But not just any kind of beautiful... The special kind.
Where everything about you glows.
Your skin, your eyes, they're all so bright.
You're like my sunshine.
You are all the good things...
Like coffee at 3 A.M., bonfires in late winter, like long drives to nowhere.
Like conversations in the shower or like big hugs after time apart.
Anything great you can think of, that's you.
You are that warm and fuzzy feeling in my chest.
You're the silliness in me.
You're that laugh, not the regular laugh, but the laugh that comes from my belly.
You're the smile so big it hurts.
You are you...
And I'm in love with that.

I don't think you know what you are to me.
You couldn't possibly know.
You're all of these things and so much more.
You make me want to give you the world, you deserve the world.
I hope no one ever tells you any less.
You are everything good in my life.
You are what I want.
And I'm in love with that.

So, don't leave... Please?


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