the wind blew through my hair as cars below whizzed by. he held my hand and was looking in the same direction as i, out on the free way, mere feet away rom where we stood. i held his hand and he held mine back...and the moment was silent, because both of our voices were mere prisoners trapped in our throats screamming to get out and our thoughts sealed tight in the titanium vaults that were our minds. my back against the gravely brick wall, i closed my eyes and bleathed in the moment, letting the sounds and smells and sights enter my bloodstream and flow throughout me and engulf me. i opened my eyes back, and was startled t see that he had turned to face me, cornering me against the cinderblocks.

        he was smiling...not at me exactly. it looked as if he was smiling into my eyes, like he could see past the fragile blue irises into my soul, and the thoughts i held back. i was afraid...and for a moment i felt somewhat exposed...but then he lifted his free hand and pushed the side of my hair out of my face. in his deep, gravely voice, he softly muttered" with me."

        for a moment, i slightly opened my mouth, about to free all the prisoners, all the thoughts i held within...but i merely cholked on the little air that there was between us. i broke eye contact, and looked into the gravel where we stood. tears welled in my eyes... "jaden...i-".

          i stpped in mid sentence, and slowly wraped my arms around his firm torso. i felt him gradually out his hands around my waist


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