New Love

New Love

They're three little words, but not very little to me,

tell me your dreams, fears, and who you want to be.

People claim to be lucky at the cards and unlucky in love,

but I just dont see it that way,

I'm comfortabe with you, fitting me like a glove.

Maybe it's the look you convey with your eyes,

it reminds me this may be all I've ever wanted,

or maybe that's just a possible surmise,

leaving me a little apprehensive, daunted.

I don't want blazing rows,

I don't want just platonic,

I want a love that grows,

and no one to stomp on it.

You see, being with you, I learn more about me,

you make me stop worrying about what others may see.

I won't ask for much, this you already know,

because I simply long for your touch,

I'd be foolish to let you go.

-Olivia McGuire



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