Only Words Can Describe



A young romantic I was

As delicate as a lily with weight of morning dew.

The love I sought did not show

through my mouth,

Only through my pen.

Letter after letter, I wrote

Page after page

Wishing if I'd release them

that you would relate.

The paper was the outlet

of the drive of my butterflies

and the push of my heart.

More than a thousand

written to young hearts

that captured my own.

My words of courage and curiosity,

words of admiration and delight.

They were kept from the world.

Years later now, I hold my letters.

But now the broadcast is what I crave.

For my words to be known, read.

I write today to the world to say

Let your courage be known

Let your admiration be seen

Be who you are,

Not who you've been.













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