Is this the Love We were Told of?

My Sweetness,

Freedom of reproach and firmness against difficulty

Have been found in our love,

Tried and tested, it is true.


I hear the grit of the others,

Trash talking our silver-ringed way

Of learning how to be in love 

While keeping our purity.

I wish they understood,

But they don't

And even when we testify

They won't;

But Honey, we must stay strong

And I know we will keep

Our promise to each other,

That no matter how tempting

Just giving in could be

We are better when we learn how to love

Our silver-ringed way.


Now, this love is better than what they have,

Steadiness is our Ally, fixing wounds 

Building each other up, we stand strong

And, maybe, just maybe,

We may avow a stronger bond

When the time so comes

We can show the works of

Our love the silver-ringed way.

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