Young Love

When she sees him her heart flies.

Yet she tries to hide her feelings with lies.

Deep inside,

She hopes they will die,

He looks at her with wonder.

She seems different from the others.

But can his heart handle another?

He has emotions that he buries far within,

As if they are some kind of sin.

Desperate and insane,

Thoughts of him flood her brain.

Then she realizes that she can't contain,

The love that flows through her veins.

Courage, Confidence, Hope

She waits for him in a coat.

He spots her with her friends.

She waits for him, he bets.

He starts walking closer.

She feels as hot as a toaster.

Her knees shake, she sweats a lake, and tries to prepare for heartbreak.

He grabs hold of her tight, then says he loves her too,

And that is the story of how their love grew.



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